GrinSwap - donate by this Friday and we get free money to build open source Grin Atomic Swaps

As mentioned in the last ecosystem meeting, we’re seeking help from the community to allow @jaspervdm to make Grin Atomic Swaps on production a reality!

We could really use your help, and if you’re handy with Metamask, please consider donating to the Gitcoin grants page by THIS FRIDAY APRIL 19 and your donation will be MATCHED UP TO $50k by the kind Ethereum folks. That’s right - FREE MONEY for Grin projects basically! Any contribution helps, and many small donations are favoured over few big ones, as matching grant contributions are done via the Liberal Radicalism formula see here for details.

Why GrinSwap?

  • You can buy/sell Grin without leaking personal info or much metadata.
  • OTC deals become so much easier and do not require escrow.
  • In fact, there’s no middle man or trusted third party at all.
  • The coin you trade Grin with gets improved fungibility as it becomes more difficult for chain analysis tools to link one output with the other once Grin is in-between the hops.

How to donate

Gitcoin grants - matched up to $50k if donated by April 19

It’s quite a lot of steps, and does involve some friction, but you’re doing it for a good cause, and it won’t have to take up more than 10-15 minutes of your time, promise!

  1. Sign up for a GitHub account if you don’t have one already.
  2. Add the metamask browser extension to your Chrome or Firefox desktop browser.
  3. Create a metamask wallet, and fund it. You’ll need:
    1. ~ 0.002 ETH ($0.32) to be able to make a grant contribution;
    2. An amount you wish to donate in an ERC-20 currency.
      • Anything from $1 worth to $10,000 worth will help, it’s more important for the grant matching that you make a donation rather than the specific amount you choose to give.
      • If you don’t have ERC-20 tokens, just use something like BNB which is easy to get from Binance.
  4. Visit and create an account by linking it to your Github account.
  5. Visit our dedicated grant page and then make the contribution by linking your metamask wallet and signing for the transaction through it!


Send donations to grinbox://gVuDf8U6CxjLfa6Wp93iG8jPFnbwuZbVkQuS4vPkatUayNB6u8uX. Compatible with any wallet that supports Grinbox, such as wallet713 or Grin++.

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