Request for funding @chdsk: June 2020

Hello. From the very beginning of the project, I have been a grin holder. For this year, my wallet has become very frayed, since I invested all my savings in grin, I changed fans several times on my rig, paid electricity for more than a year, and turned to a psychotherapist several times with a low grin exchange rate. I understand that I am not a member of the Grin Council, but I am an old holder, so I ask you to approve the request for funding so that I can continue to deal with the Grin project (only $ 5,000 1 time). Thank you for attention.

My btc 1KGuCMnDMQvJ8tEwx3ctfhH6kMFiq6pfcd

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Although I am not a member of the Grin Council, I would like to offer my perspective on your request, so here goes:


I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine! I approve this request.

Now I didn’t spend as much as you but I do shitpost a lot, and for that I’d like $10/hr or €10/hr or £10/hr (since they’re all basically equal, or so I’ve heard). I ‘work’ about 10 hours a day (at least one post an hour = work).

Thank you.

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The quality of shitposting varies quite a bit, but at only ₹10/hr, you’re worth keeping around. Approved.


Thank you Dave. If you have any requests now would be the time to speak up.


you also bought grins for $10 each??? lets be palls and cry to sleep together…

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