I will donate 10 Grin for each like

I will donate 10 Grin per like this post gets in the next two weeks, (until 14 Feb, with a 500 Grin limit).

Grin relies 100% on community donations for its funding needs, to keep Grin open and free from controlling influences. The donation page is here: grin.mw/fund

Why? Just for fun and maybe to inspire a few more Grin donations. Money makes the world go around and guess what, Grin is money. Seriously, it is probably the only cryptocurrency that knows what it is, a digital currency, pure and simple.


Nice idea, however, for me, the management of fund at the moment is not really efficient.
Better to give away at Twitter to have better attention and awareness to Grin.


You are welcome to join CC meetings and discuss where funds should be spend :wink:

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Thanks for the offer!

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There are always GRIN projects who need support: https://grinnode.live/


Exactly, this project https://grinnode.live/ should have donation/funds to maintain.

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Thanks everyone for the 27 likes!

270 grin towards development! Perhaps 2.7 lines of code? :thinking: :yum:

Maybe in the near future it will be worth 270 lines of code.