Grin General Fund - Donations Welcome

We’re happy to announce that the Grin General Fund is now set up and ready to receive donations.

Current Status

Balance: 0.0 BTC

(further details on funding page)

Donation Address

(Please note this is a Bech32 address, please ensure your wallet supports sending to such before donating. If in doubt, contact us)


Current Identified Needs

  • pre-mainnet security audit (Exact amount TBD)

(further details on funding page)


As you hopefully already know, the Grin project is 100% non-profit driven, with no pre-mine, ICO or any other ‘funny business’ planned. The development team strives to create an open, secure, and completely decentralised network that benefits everybody in the community equally.

While we firmly believe in our approach, it also comes with many challenges. Since the team cannot and will not seek any forms of ‘traditional’ funding, we must instead rely on the good-will and generosity of the community for our ongoing needs.

Fortunately, Grin has the strongest community that any open-source project could ask for.

The General Fund is completely managed by the Grin Technical Council. All spending decisions must be agreed by the council, with the wallet itself requiring 3 signatures before any spending transactions can occur. Although we can’t identify every future need, the types of things funds might be allocated to could be:

  • Professional security audits
  • Service fees related to build and deployment infrastructure
  • Website design and/or development or other marketing materials
  • Presence at conferences
  • Contributing to developer campaigns or other specific development work if required
  • Contributions toward open Grin ASIC design
  • Legal support as and when needed

As always, donors have the option of seeing themselves listed on our friends of grin page.

If you or your company have an interest in seeing Grin succeed, we sincerely hope that you will consider contributing. Your donations are vital to Grin’s long-term success.