Funding Campaign - Yeastplume - March to Aug 2019

March - Aug 2019 Developer Funding Campaign - Yeastplume

Edit: Added Grin donations!

After a couple of years of thinking, talking, arguing, experimentation, coding, re-coding, and parsing mathematical symbols, Grin’s mainnet launch is finally becoming a reality. Getting to this exciting milestone has taken a massive amount of effort by the entire Grin community and it’s truly something to be proud of.

But even though we’ve come a long way, this still just the beginning, and the list of post-launch development tasks is as long as it’s ever been. So once again I’m asking the community to permit me to continue dedicating myself full-time to Grin’s development. I’m running my 4th personal funding campaign to cover my full-time presence from March to August 2019 (6 months). As always, all of the relevant information as well as my complete bio is on the funding page so no information repeated here.

As always, I’ll keep the status info from the funding page up-to-date here. This time, I’m just maintaining ETH and BTC addresses, as there hasn’t been enough XMR take-up in previous rounds to justify maintaining the address.

Once again thanks to all donors who have contributed to previous campaigns. I hope you can appreciate the impact you’ve had on Grin’s development.

Funding status (all figures and conversions as of Feb 4th 2019)

Status: Goal Met ~€66,580 of €55,000 Target

Goal: Crypto equivalent of €55,000


  • 17.41 BTC (~€10,100)
  • 148.53 ETH (€12,400)
  • 207.0 Grin (~€950)
  • €66,580 Total

Bitcoin donation address:


Ethereum donation address:


Grin Donations! (Experimental, let’s see what happens!)


Done. And many thanks yet again for your continuing support, both in these campaigns and in your constructive feedback!


sent a very small amt of BTC saying just for confirmation. Good luck keep developing…

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Latest tmgox funding is overdue but will go towards this campaign. New transparency report next week probably.


Hello, this is Wendy from Chinese blockchain and crypto media 8btc. We want to arrange an interview with Grin team or any key contributors from the team since Grin becomes so popular in China. FYI we are the earliest and biggest crypto media in China, you can check our websites here:;

My email is

Really hope we have a chance to talk.

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@Yeastplume From the F2Pool team, we want to thank you :wink: for your dedication to the development of such an interesting project.

We hope our small gesture helps you to keep working on the project. :gift: Keep up the great work!


Hello All

Anda bisa saja kenakan pajak dalam jumlah kecil misal 0.1% setiap 3 bulan dari setiap wallet GRIN untuk Dana Reserve/Treasury.

Bisakah itu diterapkan?

Google Translate:

Hello All

You can force “small amount tax”, for example 0.1% every 3 months from each GRIN wallet in the blockchain for the Reserve / Treasury Fund.

Can it be applied?

Gift economy - No one has mentioned the idea of merchants using GRIN for online stores and a suggested .1% monthly tip out for transactions. Also, wanted to point out, it’s too early to expect miners to gift because they have not had a full month yet of expenses and electric bills do factor into cost prior to the ability to gift.

“Giving is a privilege and increases prestige.” I was happy to tip and will continue to do so because it feels good to GRIN. :santa:


Yeastplume – what are some milestones that you are trying accomplish this year?