Request for Funding @yeastplume, Jan-Mar 2020

Request For Funding, @yeastplume for January 1st - March 31st 2020

In keeping with the accountable 3 month funding cycle unit mentioned in my last funding request, I’d like to ask for the equivalent of EUR30k to cover my full time work on Grin from January 1st to March 31st 2020.

It’s been a busy past few months getting all sorts of features and RFCs in for the 3.0.0 Hardfork, and plenty of work remains. I can’t give an exact breakdown of the tasks that will occur during the funding period, but the overall focus will very much continue to improve the community and developer onboarding experience. A rough list of tasks I have in mind are:

  • Adding an interactive CLI mode to the wallet
  • Improved documentation to support the developer experience
  • A possible boilerplate project for upstream wallet developers, including the node and wallet in the single package
  • Work on the offline transaction problem
  • Automated testing infrastructure (badly in need of a revisit)
  • Possible addition of an SQL backend to better meet the needs of institutional users (still needs discussion)
  • Continuing updates, tweaks, and usability improvements

And, as always, the usual management or core team work that falls my way, as well as any other administrative/promotional/project things that continue to need attention throughout Grin’s development.

For reference, logs of all my previous work on Grin is here.

Once again, thanks to everyone involved in the Grin community for the opportunity to continue serving!


Thank you @Yeastplume for work you did and you’re going to do for the Grin :grin: community.
You got my vote :100: for your funding request its reasonable and just.

I would love to see these two ideas come to live by end of Q1 2020 :grinning:


EUR30k for 3 months… F**k my brain…