Request for Funding @yeastplume, April-June 2020

Request For Funding, @yeastplume for April 1st - June 30th 2020

Once again, in keeping with the accountable 3 month funding cycle unit mentioned in my previous funding request, I’d like to ask for the equivalent of EUR29k to cover my full time work on Grin from April 1st to June 30st 2020. The previous tranche of funds ended up coming it at 31k and change on the last round due to BTC fluctuations as the transaction was occurring, hence only asking for 29k this time around.

The past little while has been mostly about getting 3.1.0 off the ground, which I think has a nice little list of improvements, the beginnings of a new CLI mode and quite a few long-standing issues addressed. The wallet documentation has all been updated, and there’s been a good stream of QoL improvements for developers and users. With a lot of these smaller issues out of the way and the wallet libraries in good shape for upstream developers, I very much expect to start focusing much more heavily on some of the the larger issues, most notably the offline transaction problem. I’m also getting some plans together for a new integrated back-end service, one that pulls in both node and wallet libraries into the same project and presents their APIs in a unified format. This should allow for better integration testing as well as serve as a better jumping off point for the creation of new GUI wallets.

Again, the rough list, completely subject to change and just reflects what’s in my head at the moment:

  • Boilerplate project for upstream wallet developers and integration testing, which includes the node and wallet in the single service
  • Work on the offline transaction problem
  • Automated testing infrastructure (badly in need of a revisit)
  • Possible addition of an SQL backend to better meet the needs of institutional users (still needs discussion)
  • Continuing updates, tweaks, and usability improvements

And, as always, the usual management or core team work that falls my way, as well as any other administrative/promotional/project things that continue to need attention throughout Grin’s development.

For reference, logs of all my previous work on Grin is here.

Once again, thanks to everyone involved in the Grin community for the opportunity to continue serving!


Is this non-interactive transactions?

No, this is just referring to the general question of ‘how do we send transactions to offline wallets?’, not advocating a particular solution.