Request for Funding @yeastplume, July-Sept 2020

Request For Funding, @yeastplume for July 1st - Sept 30th 2020

Once again I’d like to ask for the equivalent of EUR30k to cover three months worth of full time work on Grin from July 1st to Sept 30th 2020.

My main focus for the past few months has been ground work ultimately intended to simplify the process of transacting in Grin via a complete rework of the Slate and the first implementation of the Slatepack Standard and Workflow. It’s been challenging and quite a lot of work (and not just on my part, many thanks to @joltz for plenty of tireless work) to get all of these changes defined, implemented and tested in time for the V4.0.0 (HardFork 3), but I think the long-term result will be more than worth it.

With all of the Slatepack work in place and a much clearer idea of what we want our transaction workflow to look like, I’d say the theme of the work leading up to our final HF 4 will be simplification. With a standard transaction process, the next steps are to try and reduce a lot of the earlier, experimental and now unnecessary cruft from the wallet and APIs, as well as get any further enhancements in place before 5.0.0.

A rough list for the short term, again completely subject to change:

  • Removal of now unnecessary wallet commands. There’s no need for separate pay, receive, finalize, since the next step in the process can always be determined by the Slatepack contents.
  • Definition and implementation of Mostly Lock-Free transactions (which should provide a huge usability boost if outputs don’t need to be locked until they hit the chain)
  • General clean up of wallet code, APIs post-HF3
  • Definition/implementation of Slatepack address-cycling within the wallet.
  • With the Slatepack Standard in place (which defines an encryption standard for slate contents), more thought about approaches to mitigate the offline transaction problem.

And, as always, the usual management or core team work that falls my way, as well as any other administrative/promotional/project things that continue to need attention throughout Grin’s development.

For reference, logs of all my previous work on Grin is here.

Once again, thanks to everyone involved in the Grin community for the opportunity to continue serving!


Awesome work on those wallets. Voted for funding.


We appreciate you and your service.


In favor of continued funding :+1:.
Looking forward to Mostly Lock-Free transactions.