Yeastplume - Progress update thread - July to Sept 2020

Another funding period, another thread. A little bit delayed starting this one, was taking a bit of time off due to too much Beastpluming Slatepack work pre-hf, and then a family emergency precipitated a bit longer of an absence than I would have strictly liked.

But back into it now, and easing back with a PR Performing all sorts of post-HF3 cleanup. There was tons of cruft in the code to support the 2-week period between 4.0.0 launch and the actual HF, and the first order of business is to clean all of that up.

Our planning for 5.0.0 (and any 4.1.0) is a little bit up in the air still, but some obvious next things I’d like to focus on after this cleanup are:

  • look a bit deeper into (mostly) lock-free transactions. We’d set them up in the 4.0.0 release and there are a few things that still need to be sorted out (such as how do we handle fees, what do we do in the invoice case?)
  • Look into simplifying the wallet commands, now that the slate state is recorded within the slate, there should really be no need for separate (recieve/finalize/pay) commands, just some sort of ‘process’ command that invokes the next stage

Anything beyond that will become clearer as 5.0.0 planning progresses.

That’s all I have for now, hope to be in full force next week!


Great that your back. I would keep receive/finalize/pay command just add an additional command to perform those automate in the back, e.g. make_transfer that invokes them as part of the transfer process.