How do you guys think about our community funding model?

current, fund for audit grin codebase just get 0.4bitcoin,

how do you guys think our community funding model???

tell your friends, every bit counts!

I wouldn’t mind an infinitesimal premine to finance this project. Currently, there is no incentive to donate. The first day of Grin mining could be entirely donated to the Grin fundation, and finance everything.

NO WAY should there be a Premine.


An audit is hard to sell. No new features are going to be implemented and the corps who get the money are not known to the people donating.

I agree with @Neo that a pre-mine would set a bad precedent.

Just spread the word a bit more than you are used to.

I feel you should just crowd fund separately and let it happen when it happens.

If you have to wait till 3 big grin exchanges exist for a year and sign a contract that they will match each others donations to get it done, so be it.

On the long run, it’s important for Grin to win hearts & minds. It’s distinguishing itself as a leader that holds itself to a much higher standard than other coins, when competing for the role of the most trusted digital cash payment system.

While donations are BY FAR the most difficult route, it’s also going to be a HUGE positive PR implications after we get this off the ground.

Additionally, it will inspire the open source movement, in which communities can shock the world with powerful tech… giving power to the people with no profit motive. It’s incredibly disruptive and positions itself at a much higher social institution than any for-profit venture could.

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