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My last post was about Grin and business. During this time, many events have happened in the world, and this must be taken into account.
Grin is unique, anonymous and scalable, which is great :). But the community is concerned about the very poor development and implementation of the green in real life. Something needs to be done about this.

What do I propose?!

It is urgent to create a Community Fund that will be the locomotive of the Grin ecosystem. This will allow opening a business in the real sector, and the main owner is the community, who actually owns the fund.

Problem solving

  1. The community fund in the Grin ecosystem is, first of all, the popularization of grin to the masses and mass application.
    Who will take Grin if not the followers of Grin?! We are pioneersツ So popularization of Grin is our mission.

  2. The community fund will stabilize the market and prevent the collapse of the Grin price. We have seen throughout the existence of Grin that it is ruthlessly devalued, although not unreasonably.
    The fund will issue a mandatory buyback of $0.01 per grin, this will stabilize the market and give people confidence to use it.

  3. The community fund will provide a new, decentralized business market. This will allow everyone who wants to invest in a real business, having not a lot of money.


Ensuring stability
Real Applications

At the same time, without violating honesty, justice and, most importantly, decentralization.
Let’s discuss it ツ

Telegram: Contact @grinprivacy (EN)
Telegram: Contact @grin_rus (RU)

P2P Exchanger:
Telegram: Contact @grin_p2p_en (EN)
Telegram: Contact @grin_p2p (RU)

There is a community fund. It has/had similar goals to what you describe. It has the same challenge though, you cannot manufacture demand.

“If you build it, they will come” is the hope of course but Grin has been built, so I’m not sure what else there is to do. I think the core client GUI is the best thing to build next, and it is underway by the original fund.


Grin has two high quality implementations and has seen tons of development pre-launch and in its first two years, including 5 different pows. Few coins have seen that much development (or start their implementation from scratch). Even now development continues solidly, if at a slower pace.
Calling it “very poor” is rather disingenious.

I’ll pay quadruple that…


As others have said, the Grin CC already largely serves this purpose, and development is actually quite good. Remember, slow code != bad code. In fact, usually the opposite is true.

But… nothing prevents you from starting your own fund with your own initiatives. In fact, I fully support and encourage more groups of people funding Grin development. I will even donate some to your fund :smiley: Do you have plans to execute on your idea, or do you need partners, or something else?


Perhaps I was not careful in my statements regarding the poor development of grin, I apologize. In the near future I will publish a presentation of the “Community Fund” with a more detailed vision … We will have discussions on this idea and make a decision.

In fact, nothing is impossible. I would be glad to see you at the discussion of the presentation in the near future)

I didn’t express my idea correctly, I’m sorry.

I will present my idea in the presentation. In any case, the fund model will be implemented exclusively by the entire community. I am a decentralizer, not a centralizer. Therefore, any decisions will be made exclusively by the entire community … and this is important.

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I look forward to hearing more about your plans. Thanks for sharing

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I just don’t hear you acknowledging yet that we already have a community fund. For better or worse you are going to have to appeal to that fund with your plans. I would think it’s highly unlikely that yet another fund will be created.

Why does he need to appeal to that fund? Why cant he start his own fund with his own initiatives and his own money/investors? More funds is a good thing, imo. The CC doesnt need to approve every developer initiative in the community

Oh sure, anyone bringing funds is free to start any fund they want. I didn’t think that was where this was headed.

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Let me explain.
I have nothing against the current fund, and it’s generally good that it exists. But, in my opinion, it is necessary to launch a “Public Fund”, which will allow doing business in the real sector with the help of Grin. If this idea does not find support in the community, it will not be implemented. Or to transform an existing fund, with the addition and expansion of opportunities for the community.

“Very poor development”… please tell me more…

I think you should read more about the Grin Community Council here: Grin CC, but let me copy and paste the spending guidelines here:

### Appropriate use of the Funds

Funds should be invested solely on activities related to Grin, without exceptions.

* Research and Development in areas related to Grin or Mimblewimble in general
* Fully open-sourced, community-based projects that enhance the Grin ecosystem
* Supporting non-profit, community-driven and inclusive promotional efforts for the Grin Community
* Supporting events and/or activities specificly related to Grin (i.e. conferences)
* Projects and/or Ideas oriented to strengthen and/or secure Grin

How will the community fund provide a business market? You mean something like this perhabs.

No Community funds will be use to interfere the market and/or the price, or anything related to that.


Thank you for such a detailed response to my post. I understand your questions, I should have been more specific in expressing my thoughts.
Regarding the community’s concerns about the very poor development and implementation of grin in the real sector: The main idea of this text is the lack of use of grin in real physical business and its development in this direction. I’m not talking about the technical component, only business and development in this direction.

The public fund will allow the community to launch a corporate business that will allow the use of grin in real life, moreover, there will be an incentive to popularize the smirk.
Preventing prices from falling is very important in real business, otherwise it will scare the business. The fund exceptionally restrains the fall (say, at the level of $ 0.01), but does not stimulate growth. Growth is stimulated by the real business sector, which implements corporate… That is, healthy natural growth according to development and demand.

How would you prevent price from falling? Nobody can do that, not even in btc. Likewise you would also want to prevent price from rising, otherwise someone might pay 1 grin = 1$ for a chocolate and tomorrow that would be 1000$. We should not try to manipulate the price, the market itself should dictate it. Manipulating the price would only create new vectors of attack. Not being able to manipulate it means that there’s always a way to game the “solution”.

There is no problem with buying all Grin below a certain price, I think some of us have mentally put that price around 0.042 $, at least that is where I think the kill/shop zone is. But that should not be enforced using a public fund. Those who want to buy can buy at that price, those who do not want to buy for that price, well… your loss :slightly_smiling_face:
In the end there can be a free market as well as a those who move that market.
In any case, what is the point of discussing another fund unless we have funding… The current funds that were donated are specifically not to for any gambling or market making purposes. So this would require new donations. Unless someone with major funds is willing to donate to such a marketing and business development fund, there is not much to discuss.

Im curious why that price? I personally would prefer a unit of measure not controlled by the US federal reserve. As the US continues to print trillions of USD, why would we want to be linked to any USD price? $0.042 vs $0.1 doesnt matter. Long term we should hope to decouple from USD.

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I share your concerns about market manipulation. I am against any manipulation, but if we start a business with the help of grin, it is important to prevent the depreciation of investors’ investments, which means that the business will do everything to prevent this. No business will use grin until there is certainty. We are not talking about stimulating price growth, we are talking about the minimum values ​​at which the Fund will not allow a price decrease, but this is only at an early stage of business development with the introduction of grin, after a while this will not be necessary.

I believe that the Community Foundation should not rely on grants from the existing grin foundation, since this foundation performs the functions that are intended for it.
There will be money if there is a justified idea