I have purchased the domain, not sure if I am going to host the project just yet, it will cost about $11 a month. Here are some screenshots of a functioning prototype I made. Obviously I need to add captcha I already have the code for that. I’m thinking that I could host an email service where you get a free email address that is integrated with grinmail and just does the slatepacks with one of your wallets.




hi. is this a web wallet? it looks interesting and nice.Thank you.

yes it’s a php web wallet with mysql and python back end.


the problem is that it takes 3 and a half minutes to sync each new wallet added


if anybody wants to make some grin branded cards for me that would be great
php-blackjack/images at master · cohenna/php-blackjack (

Look I made 25 GRIN off of 100 GRIN

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There is a problem with grin’s rust implementation, when restoring a wallet some of it’s txs tranasctions come back with wrong times and missing values, just None’s.

Cool, looks good. Also using that domain would be great.
Still, i have some reservations for a web-wallet since it is so hard to make them actually secure.

Past experiences for Grin with web-wallets were not so good:

Yeah, ideally I wanted the domain mainly for black jack and as a store. The problem that we face to make grin coin bleeding edge, and secure, is that there is no meta mask for grin to use across the web to pay at websites. I was thinking about adding an API to gring0tts to allow you to check out at a website but I realize that what we really need is a meta mask style web wallet that plugs into your browser. If I run this website with the wallet built-in it will be at your own risk and you should only transfer small amounts and backup your recovery phrase. you should also be aware that once you have used a wallet at gring0tts that it will be stored on the wallet server until you use the delete feature. It would be a novel web wallet in lieu of meta mask.

MetaMask style wallet for Grin coin - Development and Technical Discussion - Grin

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If anyone can help me regarding the bug with transactions (txs command)
[HELP!] getting strange occurrences with txs command - Tech Support - Grin

Getting closer to making this blackjack / web wallet a reality

I need some grin branded cards : (


im making cards with imagemagick lol


It’s got sound effects too


Hello, do you have time to help me build a website associated with grin for this domain name At present, this domain name is idle under my personal name. Thank you!

I send you a DM to discuss.

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I’m going to add support for testnet … if anybody can donate plenty testnet coins let me know I can run a facuet



Adding game history to blackjack

Adding 2 items to the store

Wipe session for fast exit


I think it all looks cool and I am really happy you took the initiative to build it. I have just one concern, is your service trustless?

If I create a wallet on your website, will you handle my wallet seed in your backend?

I have already answered this

Here are the first account screens which includes the disclaimer when signing up