[POTENTIAL SCAM?] Grin Web Wallet - Confidentially Safely Conveniently

Dear Grin Web Wallet users!

Our service has been running for 5 months.
Grin Web Wallet has come a long way. Most users are grateful for our service. We receive a large number of thanks. Unfortunately, we could not avoid mistakes, but we are constantly working to improve our service and the support service promptly responds to problems. We continue to adhere to the main principles - the minimum transaction fee (0.01 Grin), user convenience and privacy.

Grin Web Wallet users have made 9000+ transactions.
This month, 35 to 120 transactions pass through our service daily.
An average of 170,000 Grin coins are stored.

Grin Web Wallet team have planned update that will take place from September 15 to 20. This update aims to improve the performance of our service and also to solve problems that some users have encountered. A bug in the user interface will also be fixed (withdrawal error message despite the fact that the transaction has actually been processed).
Currently, the support service has only 7 requests from users. Some of the problems that have arisen will be solved in the current mode, and another part will be fixed with the release of the update.

Convincing request! Create only one withdrawal request! All transactions are processed despite the error message in the user interface. Creating a large number of requests for the withdrawal of the same means leads to an error that requires the intervention of a support service.

Grin Web Wallet support service is always ready to help users. If you have any problems using Grin Web Wallet, please send request to support@mygrin.org

Grin Web Wallet team is grateful to users for any support!

Enjoy using.

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