[POTENTIAL SCAM?] Grin Web Wallet - Confidentially Safely Conveniently

We are glad to present Grin Web Wallet!
Grin Web Wallet - Confidentially Safely Conveniently
Grin Web Wallet
Grin Web Wallet allows you to safely hold, easily receive and send your Grin coins from any devices that has a browser and access to the Internet.


Grin Web Wallet Terms and conditions.

• Grin Web Wallet does not store user data in the clear.
• All data is stored using irreversible encryption.
• All user operations are confidential.
• In case of loss of data by the user, Grin Web Wallet will not be able to restore them.
• Max. withdraw fee 0.01 Grin.
• By using Grin Web Wallet, you agree to the terms and conditions.

strong work! Haven’t used it actually yet, but it looks very interesting!

this site works only with accepting Google(CIA) delete it and create a .onion v3 adress and i use it


Grin Web Wallet team plans:

Q3-Q4 2019 - release desktop Grin Web Wallet application
Q4 2019 - new version Grin Web Wallet


Thank you for your work it’s interesting.

Can you write a guide for noobs on how to use it?

If i want to send grin from an exchange or from linux wallet i can send it to the https adress?

example: https://api.mygrin.org/deposit/XXXXXXX???


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Thanks for your feedback!
We will make the guide soon.
Yes, you can send Grin to the https address ( example: https://api.mygrin.org/deposit/XXXXXXX )

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Hello, fellow GRINners! The GRIN Web Wallet works great; GRIN is SUPER FAST! Bravo, @Chief_Dementor #GRIN #mimblewimble

@good_king_wenceslas Thank you for your feedback!

Grin Web Wallet updated.

  • Some bugs fixed.
  • Increased query processing speed.
  • Grin updated to v1.0.3.

AWESOME! There seems to be a problem with the web wallet loading. This is the message given: This site can’t provide a secure connection

mygrin.org sent an invalid response.


Scratch that! ALL IS GOOD!

Grin Web Wallet news.
Grin Web Wallet users have made a hundred transactions.
Grin Web Wallet

Grin Web Wallet updated (2019.04.10).

  • Some bugs fixed.
  • New server added.

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to mygrin.org. Peer reports it experienced an internal error. Error code: SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT

I checked now, everything works well. Certificate valid until March 19, 2020.
The problem may be with Windows XP.

Grin Web Wallet is not a commercial project and was created in support of the development of the Grin project.
Grin Web Wallet team will be grateful for the help and support.

Grin Web Wallet


Dear fellow GRINners!
Your feedback is very important to us. We are committed to making Grin Web Wallet better. More than 300 transactions conducted by users using Grin Web Wallet and we have not received any negative feedback.
We invite everyone to test Grin Web Wallet.
Grin Web Wallet team would be grateful for your feedback and suggestions.

Grin Web Wallet

Grin Web Wallet updated (2019.04.21).

  • Some bugs fixed.

Our team is waiting for feedback on the work of Grin Web Wallet

Grin Web Wallet news.

Grin Web Wallet is stable and the number of transactions performed is constantly increasing.
Grin Web Wallet team is happy to announce that it has started developing desktop application.

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