[POTENTIAL SCAM?] Grin Web Wallet - Confidentially Safely Conveniently

Dear GRINners!
Grin Web Wallet users have made 500+ transactions.
Grin Web Wallet is working stable.

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Grin Web Wallet news.

May 1 is exactly one month since the start of Grin Web Wallet.
Over the past month, our team has been constantly working to improve the Grin Web Wallet.
Grin Web Wallet users have made 550+ transactions.
Grin Web Wallet team thank the Grin community for their support and trust!
We will continue to work on improving the Grin Web Wallet.

Best regards!

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Seems odd deposited then tried to withdrawal but failed “error”. I tried to email support but the email bounced?

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Thank you for contacting. There is a small problem, today we will fix it.
Email issue already fixed.

Works perfect! Thank you!

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@unpourtous Thank you for your message!
We try to quickly fix the problems identified.
Tomorrow we will release the next update.

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Grin Web Wallet updated (2019.05.05).

  • Some bugs fixed.

Grin Web Wallet team is waiting for feedback.

Several reasons why Grin Web Wallet is more convenient than other wallets.

One of the main tasks was to make using Grin convenient. Now there is no need to use any particular gadget or PC. The user of Grin Web Wallet can access his funds absolutely from any device that has a browser and Internet access. No need to access email or other means of identification. We solved the problem with static IP, now it is no longer needed.
To create a personal Grin Web Wallet address takes no more than one minute. The user of Grin Web Wallet can have an unlimited number of personal addresses, and the transactions of funds between the addresses of Grin Web Wallet takes place without fee.
Deposit (if there are no problems on the sender’s side) and withdrawal occurs very quickly, the maximum time no more than 10 minutes (usually much faster).
The development team is constantly working to improve Grin Web Wallet and fix the identified deficiencies.
In the next post we will talk about security.
Enjoy using the Grin Web Wallet!
The Grin Web Wallet team is open to suggestions and will be grateful for any support!

I suggest you a change of your site web wallet design. A simple competition of drafts from people who are interested would be great.

You are absolutely right. Site design needs to be changed. The problem is that we are not good designers. :grinning:

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Let me know if you need help!

@Otomakan Thank you for your offer! I will definitely contact you. We need help of good designer.

Hi @sccdry
Grin Web Wallet Support will process your request.
Please make sure you use the correct login details.
Grin Web Wallet users have made 1500+ transactions and we have not received any negative feedback.
The response from the support service will be published here and sent to your email.

@sccdry We investigate your problem.
This will take some time.
You are the only one who talks about a similar problem.
If the problem is from our service, we will fix it.

Should say. Used the wallet multiple times with different types of transactions and everything works SMOOTH. The support is responsive and competent.

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Hey, man. I, too, am having the same problem. Funds are gone.

using https://web.mygrin.org/

this is my deposit address: https://api.mygrin.org/deposit/1dc6f0d842c46a6597a97964417f1b23


Thank you for contacting. If the problem exists, we will fix it.
Please send a detailed description of the problem to support@mygrin.org

Please guide me how to create the Grin web wallet?

I went to mygrin.org but couldn’t find the “creates” button, only the “use grin web wallet” button, I clicked here and filled in all the folders, next what should I do ??? ?


Dear Grin Web Wallet users this night an emergency update was made.
Currently, there is a problem with five deposits. Funds on these deposits are completely safe but operations with these deposits are temporarily unavailable.
This update prevents the occurrence of a similar problem.
For all other deposits, transactions are available in full.
Fixing the problem for the five deposits will be implemented in the next update. The estimated release date of the update is June 8. We will make every effort to solve the problem faster.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
Currently, Grin Web Wallet is stable and available for all operations.


June 8 is a long time from now. In the meantime, would you like to share any details on how this happened?