Donation through grin ツ not working?


I would like to donate via grin. Is it possible?

On the

it links to github file

But when I tried to send coins (using grin++), actually I was requested to get slatepack finalize and I don’t know where to get it…


you can sell Grin and donate with Bitcoin

Why ? :man_shrugging: Why not Grin

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very smart .this guy should be in core team :fu:

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it is offchain address you dont need slatepack

Why ? :man_shrugging: Why not Grin

oh oo sell all grin that is the best way

AFAIK the GRIN address for donations is unavailable ( last checked 5/Jun/21)
I’ll try to post about it in the next meeting in Keybase if no-one else does. I wanted to donate to the fund with GRIN as well…