CoinGecko attempts to accept donation in Grin

After spending a few days playing with the core Grin wallet and wallet713, we decided to live by the edge and implement donation addresses in Grin on

Reason why we are doing so is that we thought in the old days, bitcoin addresses were placed around websites/blogs which became the basis of people’s curiosity. So we thought how about putting this up as it may create the same effect to get more people to get curious about Grin.


Well done coingecko, thank you for being around and supporting Grin from early on.


yeahh thanks coingecko for the listings

but frankly why do you list hotbit and even with highest volume? I hope you know their volume is fake and they are a wash trading scam exchange with fake orders. It takes a long time to get your orders filled, it’s not as it is with proper exchanges. Actually you are supporting them directly by listing them on your big site, coingecko, so I am disappointed with you. You are guilty too. why do you do it

Our role is to attempt to provide all information at hand for a given cryptocurrency.
We do not endorse or promote a single exchange as we are displaying all exchanges that are trading Grin.

More availability of information is definitely advantageous to make a decision, at the end we hope that everyone do their own research ultimately when making trades.

Nonetheless we are closely following up on this issue as we have received a lot of similar feedback like yours on the exchange.

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