Grin is meant to be spent: 300+ Grin Bounty Included!

Hey everyone, just sharing my opinion that Grin is meant to be spent although what you do with your money is up to you. I don’t see any links or references on the website for places that accept Grin as a payment. I haven’t been keeping up with Grin lately, so maybe I’ve missed various sources of places that accept Grin payments.

I’m hoping to start a Telegram group where I tip users in Grin for likes & retweets on Grin-mentioning replies to relevant tweets! The goal is reply to popular or relevant tweets in order to reach a wider audience of people who look at the replies while avoiding be marked as spam by Twitter’s terms & services. Also, we will like and retweet posts from brands (Bisq, Tradeogre, etc.) and others that mention Grin. (I’ll see the likes and retweets on the posts to cross verify for validity). I’ve done this before with random people who’ll accept any cryptocurrency, so why not use Grin!? >>I can increase the participation by reaching out to people on Twitter who want airdrops, and offer them Grin tips instead!<<

BOUNTY: I’m opening up a 300 (or more) Grin bounty for a Grin tipping bot on Telegram!

Personally, I’d like to see more emphasis on using Grin for payments with links for stores and services that accept Grin, especially on the main website since most of the community looks at it first. Thank you for reading!

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A member of the Telegram chatroom said “Just keep tipping @davidtavarez @pucek grin node live/ @MCM_Mike yeastplume and the likes and it will happen. They’re actively building the foundation (with respects to all past and future contributors)”

I’m willing to split the bounty fairly across all the contributors (including future helpers) depending on how they’d like it split up

Hi God, agreed on the spending philosophy, Grin aims to be digital cash/money primarilly (or at least, that is what I envision for Grin).
As you can see in my post from today we just have the Grin Community Council website online:

It contains all kind of information and we are looking to add information on exchanges, miner retailers and yes absolutely we should also mention places where you can spend grin. Some like slate-pack market are listed on

but I think there might be a few more. If anyone knows other places that accept Grin, let us know we can list you there and maybe make an official page for it on the GrinCC.MW website.

I just wanted to answer to your observation:

  • Grin

Its not updated, this is true but there you find a place for donations.

Besides re-tweets you could also consider: not on mainstream medias.

Paying for posts seems questionable to me.

Anyone who’s interested in gaining more exposure for Grin is free to go post it for free on Twitter, Reddit or whatever they want. I do when I see it’s relevant to a discussion.

Not going to say no to the community organizing whatever it wants, but that’s my reaction.

I’ve edited my post to emphasize that the tweets will be replies to popular (but not overly crowded) and relevant twitter posts. I will also tip Grin for likes and retweets on tweets by brands or other accounts that mention Grin. By using replies to Twitter posts, we can reach a wider audience since people glance at the replies on popular tweets

Also, please note that this may not have a big impact on Grin adoption, but its something a nontechnical member like myself will enjoy doing.


I already sold 2 peanut butter and 1 Gruesli, and got paid with grins