Grin offered as an official payment method on

The first time anything other than bitcoin has ever been accepted.

Some feedback on grin user interaction from theymos himself.

You can see what the bare bones payment page looks lke here:;fund;a=0.00208333;c=grin;r=2;sesc=6ef6f55d958ff5d3529f2d5a987fc0b0

Right now it’s just to pay to access certain account features.


It’s a big step made by grin.
Recently heard about Grin from the bitcointalk admin. Discussion about Grin in bitcointalk:

Will ‘’ be another bitcointalk?

For now, i don’t expect such a thing to happen because the low traffic volume in grin forum and the lack of local boards and moderators, as well for a powerful trust system.
If we work together, and the green project achieve success then we can think about a better place than bitcointalk because grin has more powerful features than btc.
Note that this forum is fully centralized and have to build a reputation to encourage users trusting it.
Grin has a lot of enthousiasts in bitcointalk forum.