Grin Payment for Online Shop

I am looking to start Online Shop for Grin merchandise (Starting from scratch). Planning for two payment options one with normal payment and other with Grin payment (discount for those who make Payment with Grin). Anyone who can help out (chargeable) to make Grin payment portal.


Which platform that you want to start? If it’s wordpress, this guy can help Cryptoniq - Cryptocurrency Payment Plugin for WordPress by DivEngine to customize with fee.
Example my store for moment.

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I guess Mac can help: Telegram: Contact @future3000, I don’t know his nickname here. Or @l33d4n, they are building Grin payment for Wordpress at new funny website:


Great thank you for instance response, will go through and come back…

Great :+1: thank you for response will contact future3000…

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Sadly this plugin has not support of slatepacks, Tor is not available everywhere.

This is not a payment plugin fyi. Atleast not yet. The idea of this site is to raise money towards a bounty for an open source payment plugin

Currently it’s just woocommerace with some customization. So a user(sender) could generate a slate, paste it into the message box at checkout > This will then get sent to the site admins inbox(receiver) who will then load the slate into their wallet and send the response back to the user ( via email) for finalization.