Need support on Grin payment on Wordpress Woocommerce platform

Dear Gurus,
Getting inspiration from first Grin shopping page, I’d like to build something new and spreading the utility of grin payment. I would need someone to help me to create a Wordpress plugin to:

  • Get the real price from on pair GRIN/USDT
  • Convert the total cost in checkout payment to GRIN amount, to let the buyer send that amount to my address stated in checkout page
  • The payment could be manual for the moment, then we will improve how to make it automatic.

This is just my hobby project but if anyone is interested in, kindly send me a reasonable quote and we can negotiate. In case noone gives a care, I would hire someone at upwork with much higher cost (hopefully not).

Personally, to let grin being popular, we should incentively create the payment gateways for small ecommerce like woocommerce/shopify/magento…
My site is still under construction, feel free to comment/suggest.


I fully agree. This is the core purpose of Grin, to be used by anywhere, by anyone.

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maybe it makes sense to wait for contract implementation although this will probably take quite some time

  • If you want to parse price, do it not with every request, but once per minute and store at separate variable, you will have like Oracle inside your PHP code.
  • Address is not good idea, you will need address for every thing to identify for what they are paying, allow user to POST slate like TradeOgre and give response to let him finalise transaction.
    (Tutorial | Using the Grin Wallet API)

You just need to check he sent you right amount.


i insist that that’s a perfect case for invoice flow, so the webpage would ask the user for his “grin address”, create step1 slatepack (invoice step 1) encrypted with this address and display it to the user, user creates invoice step3 slatepack (encrypted for web, that’s done automatically by the wallet) and pastes it on the webpage which finalizes the transaction :slight_smile:


What does encryption achieve in this transaction? Seems simpler to me if the address wasn’t necessary.

Thanks guys, until we could go further idea to implement it, for the moment I think the fastest/simplest way is to:

  • At checkout page, I will need a button like’ Grin convert’ to get current rate from then sum the total of grin in that order.
  • Then user will send that grin amount to my grin address which is stated in the checkout page, once buyer completed the payment, he just paste the transaction id in the Note field, I will later compare that transaction id with the amount in my wallet to know the order then proceed from my end.
    I found one plugin that may re-use the code Crypto Converter ⚡ Widget – WordPress plugin |

if slatepack message is encrypted then you don’t care whether the page uses https or not (although today most pages use https). In general i prefer if user always has the same flow and the safest one seems the one where slatepack message is encrypted and i don’t think it adds that much work since user needs to click “checkout” or smth to trigger such action so making him fill one input shouldn’t be such big of a deal, especially since it makes SRS and RSR step 1 more similar.

Such procedure can be abused if two make order for the same total amount. Another reason for RSR since there you know the final kernel and can just repeatedly check if that kernel has been included in a block. Nothing against SRS, i think we need both, but from my experience RSR should be easier to implement correctly in this case.

You can use the Coingecko API to get Grin price range, see this script for example:

Or their tutorial page. All languages supported:

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Actually I do not have knowledge on PHP, and I’ve got limited time to start coding/testing… I will rather to focus on product and marketing. So until now, sadly that no quote received.

Long time ago @xiaojay was working on a payment plugin (the developer of Niffler wallet and plugin to pay via email).
Not sure if he is still around or if he ever finished work on the plugin.


I’ve thought it over and you would still want to be concerned whether the site has https, because an imposter site is as likely a threat as an http interception.

if you get grin address from the imposter site then yes, it will just give you their wrong address and it will be encrypted for them. The store could however put their payment proof signing public key on some other site or share it somewhere and you could verify that the site you’re using it’s not compromised (now payment proof signing key is TOR key, in the future it could even be tied to someone’s identity i guess, so it could be easier to check although that’s probably not easy to implement).

Are you referring to this @Anynomous ?

  • Merchants/Stores/Third-party collection service…

That is the email system I am referring to here

Next to that he was (to my understanding) developing a web plugin which he used for the plug should be here but I cannot connect since the website uses a https strict protocol and the certificate is expired, meaning you cannot connect since you cannot connect safely. I checked if I could find any work on that plugin on github, but I could not locate it unfortunately.
Or do you think he meant the email plugin as web payment plugin @Cobragrin ?

Yes, i think he meant for plugin as web payment also. I sent message TG @aixinrock for this discussion, maybe he responds.


I like the mug designs, especially the astronaut one, good stuff :smiley:

P.S. would be interesting later to turn this site into an open marketplace where people can list their own items/etc. Though, that being said I would be curious to learn how transactions like that would be processed b/w multiple sellers/buyers.

From Grinmail developer aixin;

‘’ I took a look, and it seems that the plugin mentioned by the author may not be suitable for the Grinmail format. Grinmail is just a simple script that calls the node. ‘’

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I noticed this is main problem of Grin, people have no time to do things, for testing, for reviewing, for writing actual code. As for myself I decided to invest all my time to develop things on top of Grin 3 months ago, but doing everything alone is hard so we need to collaborate. Grin really needs developers, we have a lot writers and complainers, but not so much people who can write code and show real progress.