QR Grin Payment Processor

i’am a crypto newbie, and i think that for a newcomer it’s quite difficult to understand how things are working here.

anyway i tried to receive grin, restore a wallet, tried both Niffler and grin ++ and i just come across the grin payment processor powered by Cycle42. i really liked the idea and the fact we can use it on a woocommerce website.

having a marketplace, setup a grin payment processor just by uploading the plugin is really helpful and easy to use, but the most difficult part is that the customer will need to use the official grin wallet and enter the commands by himself. you can check the demo.

my idea is that Cycle42 and let’s say GRIN++ join forces and offer a more suitable way to facilitate the transaction by scanning a QR code on the checkout page and init the transaction.

grin ++ and niffler are a first steps to onboard new users and working on payment processor for newbie merchant will also help.

Thank you for your time and your commitment.