I'm starting an e-commerce business, accepting GRIN

Hi All!

I’m starting a webshop in Europe and want to implement Mastercard, Maestro and Grin.

The first two can be easily done by Shopify, but how can I easily implement Grin as a payment form? Does anybody have an idea?


Can you give me the address?


I have a little question for you. Where do you personally see Grin’s competitive advantage over other currencies?

unlike Bitcoin

  • you don’t have to pay ~10 $ for a Transaction
  • confirmation times are a lot faster
  • Grin does not favor early adopters and is fair towards folks that buys it at a later point in time.
  • Bitcoin security may crumble in the next century, when block-rewards dimishes and it is less likely that Miners will mine it to secure the network-security. It may not affect your business today, but at some point this may become a huge issue for everyone.

Exactly. Fees and confirmation times. Nobody will accept currency that is expensive to accept and that goes to the wallet within 24 hours. I think this is Grin’s main advantage for merchants. Privacy - yes, it is necessary.

Fair and correct emission, declares that the currency will exist tomorrow.

The other day I had a conversation with an economist. A person who has worked for several decades in the energy sector. He told me, “When the average shoe trader or timber company understands the competitive advantages of using cryptocurrency, then it will be accepted as payment.” Also, merchants need to understand that the cryptocurrency they accept will exist tomorrow.

He gave an example with dollars and euros… That is, when a merchant receives payment for a product, he can immediately spend it, which is quite accurate, because dollars and euros are accepted everywhere.

Initially, bitcoin is 2 in 1. Gold and currency. Gold that can be used as currency. Value that can be shared and transferred. In theory, the 21 million coins looks interesting in terms of preserving wealth, but the technical side says “Nope… It won’t work. Another solution is needed.” And besides, why 21 million? Where does the figure come from? Was it laid with the big bang?.. Currently, bitcoin compared to Grin looks like an experiment where Grin actually announces a new form of money.


There are mountains of shitcoins with low fees and fast confirmation, and Grin’s privacy isn’t really anything to write home about. The only advantage for a merchant would be that users might actually be interested in using Grin as payment since it’s not a shitcoin.


What are you going to sell? I’m looking forward to spending some grin! Lets get this grin economy moving WEW!

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I love how out of the 7 comments in this thread not even one answers the question.

The truth of the matter is - once upon a time you could have used a woo-commerce extension called Knockturn Alley, but that hasn’t been maintained since the first hard fork.
Now there’s no other option besides handling the payment semi-manually, as far as I can tell. Perhaps @davidtavarez can build something cool for us if he is interested.


That is definitely on my radar. I’m wondering if we can build something that works for both Exchanges and e-commerce platforms, but I haven’t had the time to go deep on this yet. We’ll see.