Services & payment processor

I believe that it would help grin to have plenty of services.

Something that I believe would help us to have plenty of services is an API provider that also acts as a payment processor, meaning that any website can take payment in gringots without having to install the client on their server (i.e if they have only basic web hosting) instead by using an API.

If anybody is interested in this proposal, you can do it your self else I’d love to work together to create such a service, it can take a small percentage as a fee and if you work with me, we can organize automated equilibrated cuts indefinitely.

It would also be great to discuss services that as a community we can work together to implement, i.e a digital download service that looks after artists and gives them the bulk of the profit, or taking existing open source platforms and grinifying them.

These things will encourage the experiment that is mimblewimble, that we all believe in and for it’s up and coming success.

Having done similar things for Bitcoin/Ether/ERC20 tokens for centralized exchanges. I’m genuinely interested in this.

I really like this project. I am trying to get acquainted quickly. We had thought about a merchant services approach to remove risks to the merchants, and at the same time providing a consistent option of use to the investors . Services that encourage acceptance of the currency, but minimizes risk of volatility of short term to the clients payments. ex: Use a community mining pool small fees to be used towards merchant governance to vote how that fund uses it rewards to remove 6% of loss they experience due to volatility. Would change as more and more merchants participated.