Grin Payment Service

Having some thoughts about how a Grin payment service could look like.

  • The service provider has a full grin node running with RPC for wallet authentication
  • Once the user authenticates, the user agrees that his Grin address is shared to the provider
  • If the user wants to buy something e.g. in a web store, the payment service provider identifies the user and send him a request for the amount in Grin to pay
  • Once the user sends the grin amount to the provider, the provider gets a notification that the transaction completed (maybe via TX transaction id? or is it possible to send some more meta data like a text?)
  • This service could be used generic on all Webstores which accepts Grin

Is this a bit too ez or some point of fails? Would be nice for some suggestions.


You are describing REST service running on top of GRIN wallet to parse result of this command:

grin-wallet listen

Webstores can have their own wallets/nodes running like at exchanges. Their servers are always online. Node size is very small to sync and store, 3 GB disk storage and 3-4 hours for first synchronization.
If they are lazy to run nodes they can use

grin-wallet -r 

Payment requests described here:


I think this is totally doable, and would be a valuable project. Perhaps as a woocommerce plugin or such

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Seems like we can call Rust from php:

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Yep, a web-plugin would be valuable. It has been on many wish lists for some time now. This is typically one of those “nice to have projects” that people can request funding for or for which the Community Council could create a bounty once BTC is above 30k$ again.

Funny, in the early years of Grin there was this Mt Gox web-side made by @0xb100d where one could buy grin apparel. I assume there must have been some plugin or PHP code to talk to the grin rust wallet API. Unfortunately this user is no longer around, but I tagged him in case he does drop by, perhaps some code can be reused as basis for plugin.

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This will come quickly, without community funding, when there is a demand for it.

There needs to be interest in Grin itself, that interest drives interest to use it, and then as soon as there is the incentive to write the plugin it will get done.

Funding the plugin now is putting the cart before the horse, and it will just die out from lack of use like tmgox and slatepacks market.

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Demand will not come from nowhere. GRIN idealogy is to be used by anyone from anywhere, it’s in our hands (community/developers) to make it possible, I am not sure why we need funding for every movement here. It’s only question of time not of money.


This is JS implementation of simple wallet to communicate with GRIN node api as example.


Perfect the invoice command for this scenario. If every participants have to run an own grin node, espeacieally the webstores, it should be a thin client installed as wallet or shop addon, the node sync process should be silent in background.
The wimble wallet reinvented looks great for a crash course / example. Since I prefer node.js and react it is very awesome. Dont like php that much.

Totally agree wiht ya - you first have to provide services to make a coin intersting not waiting till some day it could eventually rise to $0.50… First the work / features than the buyers come.