Where can I spend Grin so far?

Is there a directory of places that currently accept Grin?

Only place I know of off the top of my head is BitcoinTalk forum and the TMGOX Shop.

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no mobile wallet, thats why it’s hard to spend, 今はね


No wallet to exchange :disappointed:

There is a few on PC

Any example where we can spend it :construction_worker_man:t6:‍♂

hmmm , i know of a brothel that receive GRIN in exchange of service, you can try them out👍

No exchange wallet :man_facepalming:t5: No online market to spend :man_shrugging:t6: :dizzy_face:

I spend grin in very easy method. When I go do dentist or talk with person which renovate something for me I ask about pay small part in grin. They say ok. I use service which I discribe in my post Grin Fast send grins to phone, email, keybase etc.etc They need not have node for grin or wallet on computer. I try make it 85 % in fiat currency and 15 % in grin. It works. People don’t want full payment in grin but a small part in easy way for test - say ok.


that is not official, you just forcing the man to take grin

貴様、are you doing this on purpose¿

It is second method. Find something what can we sell only by grins. Like forcing sell petrol around the world only by USD . I ask people not force. Not possible to find other ways to adoption grin. Something what is only sell by grin and say people I will pay you by grin.

心配無用, when we finally attain mobility, it will break paths for more possibilities.だから 信じてください

Still no answer for the major question :exploding_head: in fact the answer should come from owner and the developers :wrench::hammer_and_wrench::gear::nut_and_bolt::chains:

bitcointalk and tmgox.com are two

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Thank you :blush: you deserve SC

Didn’t know bitcointalk took grin. NEAT!

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