Grin fan art and merchandize

He guys, maybe I missed out on where to find fan-art and merchandize. If so please tell me where. Otherwise lets dump all the GRIN fan art and merchandize links you find or make here.
See below some quick concept art to kick of the topic! I am sure you guys can do better than that, show us :wink:


If you lucky at Grin-Node Challenge 2020 you’ll win a GRIN T-Shirt sponsored by

another Grin Shop I can recomend:

One lovely and still active thread about Grin-Art (you’ll probably know it from the Grin-Newsletter from @lehnberg)

1 Like has a bunch of great grin merch. I can attest that the hats are all very high quality. I wore my opsec hat today, and was impressed by the quality of the strap/clasp mechanism. It’s nylon and plastic, but very well designed, extremely streamlined buckle accomodated a very nice thin backstrap.

The t shirts are great, I like the logo-back ones for conferences, then i sit in the front row and flex my traps.

the sweatshirts are fantastic, and so are the stickers.

I am going to be buying some enamel pins from TMGOX soon, I will update everyone with a review of their quality.

Still curious about that necromancer hat…


Maybe nice to add Grin invicability caps to the store. You can also just custom print the cap yourself like I am considering.
-A simple black watch with the Grin logo as background for the dial would also be nice. In my case I will wait till I can order a PineTime smart watch, then I will design a custom Grin watch face. When its done I will upload it here.
-A necktie with small grin logo’s on them as pattern would also be awesome. For now I am looking which stores could do this cheaply, e.g. Aliexpress.

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If you feel like helping out with Covid-19 and spreading some happy smiles or Grins for that matter,
you can order 100 pieces of custom washable mouth masks with 200 filters for 112.56 - 187.60 Euro that will look like these :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah like I’m really gonna buy anarcho-capitalist branded merch, that goes directly on my face, from a CCP friendly company, during a global pandemic, caused by the CCP, who have a murderous hatred for capitalist. Call me paranoid, I don’t care.

China is Asshole. Taiwan #1!

天安門大屠殺 肉饼 (水 + 血 + 皮肤 + 骨) ----> 外流

@Grumpy Well I wont argue with you about the ashole part👍, they are using the Corona pandemic to kill resistance in Hong Kong while the world is to bussy with their own crisis…talk about dirty. However, they cannot be blamed for not containing Corona. Most countries failed to react properly. If you are living in Taiwan you are in luck, they do know how to handle the shit that comes from China (learned from previous experiences I gues). Maybe you know a Taiwanese alternative for producing this kind of merchandize? Do they have something similar to Aliexpress?

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I ordered this 2.82 Euro watch a months ago and designed some watch faces to make my custom Grin watch to wear when I visit crypto conventions. I am not done yet deliberating which watch face to put on, but most likely I go for a simple design like number 6 or 7. If you want any of these design for your own custom watch or the Paint NET files to edit them, PM me.

I will post a pic of my custom watch once it arrives and I modified it, assuming I won’t muck it up :wink:

You can also use any photo watch maker online, but then you pay around 50 euro instead of 3 euro and I am on tight budget.


black dial with white symbols… looks good too

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Good point, maybe is should make some variants, black with white and yellow black inverted.

This is really cool. I think your watch is going to be awesome!

oooo how neat would a Grin Swatch Watch be? I don’t know! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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Time to make one @Grumpy if you can afford it, I cannot😢. I think it would be very cool!

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Yes indeed, but i too am hurting for cash right now.


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