[CLOSED] Get your own ツ themed wristbands!

Hello everyone! Have you ever wanted to have a small and wearable accessory with the ツ smiley logo? I have something just for you!

I have designed and ordered printed 100 wristbands. There are two colour options: black-white and black-yellow. The black-white one comes with white bead and black-yellow comes with black bead. Wristband can be disassembled and machine washed. They are printed on only one side.

Apart from wearing it, you can also attach it to your backpack, bicycle, anything, use your creativity!

This design is unique in a sense that if I order more I will most likely update the design.

Once out of stock, the design file will go open-source under creative-commons licence! You can order it here. I only accept ツ as payment!


These are cool looking.
We definitely need to consider using them for our next hopefully soon planned GRIN-CON .


Ohh! Very cool, once I get setup with my Grin wallet I plan on buying one of the Grin hats I saw on Slatepack ~ I look forward to helping the Grin community too! :slight_smile:

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Started an order for 10! Thank you for this amazing offer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Off topic: has anyone gotten a GRIN tattoo yet?


only a matter of time before one shows up lol


You want to die cause of cancer and don’t see the moon?:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Of course not!! I haven’t gotten any tats myself, I was just wondering if someone out there is walking around with that yet.

As Renzo said it’s


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In a few years several of us will possibly have a Grin tattoo :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Unfortunately China Post has refused to accept the parcel to be shipped. Terribly sorry to everyone who has placed an order and waited to be processed. I will start sending reimbursement slatepacks to everyone who has placed an order.

As promised, wristband designs released under Creative Commons Licence!