TMGOX (The Magic Gathering Online Exchange)


aka Gringox,

aka The Magic Gathering Online Exchange.

In order to raise money for grin development when it is most critical (and well into the future) we are announcing TMGOX , an online marketplace for all things cypherpunk. We have red hats that say MAKE ALICE GRIN AGAIN on them, and a mix of shirts, sweaters, bumper stickers, even a wall-mounted clock that is meticulously designed to tick-tock exactly synced to the mining reward rate of grin. Please check it out and tell your friends.


100% of profits go to the Grin Development Fund.

For the first time you can contribute to grin, which relies solely on donations, and get cool merchandise in exchange. We are adding new gear constantly, for example circular grin-smiley stickers for your laptop/wherever, and more styles and variations of everything designed by the grin community. If you would like to contribute designs, feedback, or ideas, please check out the transparency tab on the site for a way to contact us.

You can also get updates on our twitter @TMGOX.

Looking forward to growing with the network,

Happy Equinox,
Your resident cryptomancers,

Tom & Gus

aka 0xb100d


This is incredible, @0xb100d you make this community so much fun

edit: holy wow, this hat is ballin’ outta control


Awesome job! @0xb100d I have a few desings in the works


A soon to be owner of some sweet merch


Ascii Cuckatoo – TMGOX

Is that really all there is to that?

I’ve been treating it as if it was the usual magic you see with latin soup behind crypto when you really dig into it

red on yellow has a political meaning and your using it allot, specifically on that bumper sticker; is that intentional?

" In order to promote robustness in the early days of the network, TMGOX will be funding miners by buying grin directly from them."

Oh? How thoughtful of you. I am also interested in promoting robustness in the early days.

Just be honest and say your going to speculate


Yes, thank you! Please keep me in the loop, all of the printing/shipping infrastructure is laid out and adding designs is a piece of cake, with very little overhead. Attributions of course will go smack dab right on the product page (if you desire) and if donating your time/designs is not possible it’s not impossible to share a small amount of the sales price per shirt (though that of course takes away from grin development fund).

A million thanks! I believe in the vision and have free time so it’s a comfortable combo.

red on yellow has a political meaning and your using it allot, specifically on that bumper sticker; is that intentional? @monkyyy

I have been using it because it was the mcdonalds colors, what else does it represent? And what are some other interesting color combos with symbolic connotations if you don’t mind sharing?

And yes, TMGOX wants grin in the bank, but we are being totally sincere when it says we also want to secure the network. Blockchain incentives are a beautiful thing and there is room for every type of user.

edit: three orders on their way… ALL paid for in crypto! Very exciting!

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Red is the traditional color for socialism and communism, even if socialism=red fell out of use after the red scare, its still somewhat understood

yellow is the traditional color for capitalism(cough gold)

Since capitalism-communism is a contradiction even with all the fuzzy definitions and a whole bunch of definition confusion over time; sooooo capitalist-socialism -> market-socialism -> mutualism; or those sorts of ideas.

What is ever so slightly relivent is that someone like ben tucker and his “4 monopolies” I believe is a precursor to cypherpunks in general.

Are you perhaps affiliated with economic terrorists that believe the state shouldn’t be in control of money?

You probably need to use more black and make things look like a flag somehow, to communicate this sort of thing as thats were this whole two simple color flag system is a thing. And I would strongly suggest you stay far away from red on black.

Always the same error message " * No shipping method has been selected. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help."
Adress and shipping method are corrects. My friends have the same problem.

Which product are you trying to order? There is one phantom shirt that won’t go away even though it doesn’t exist any more. Still working on figuring out how to make it either work or disappear. Will get back to you shortly.

Thanks for your reply. it’s the “tongue tied” t-shirt.

our first transparency report and major news update:

To the Consortium of Goblinary Finance & Red-Nosed Wizard Investors,

First and foremost, Grin (which runs entirely on community donations) needs our help to fund the absolutely crucial code security audit. This is key to launching the mainnet, particularly since Grin is cleverly combining many mathemagical moving parts in novel ways. Grin has lots of eyes on it, and already plenty of scrutiny, so everything that can be done to minimize any chance of hiccups coming out the gate (and well into the future) is going to have powerful effects on the birth, growth and long term success of the network. Given the vision of Grin, our contributions now could very well benefit people all over the world for many decades.

We are proud to say that, thanks to you, TMGOX was able to donate ~.2 bitcoin to the Grin Development Fund.

We have had a total of 17 sales since launch, with an average value of ~$85 each. Check out out the details in our transparency report. All but three of them were paid for using cryptocurrency (go figure!) and because of the hefty discounts we have in place for people who spend crypto, this had a significant effect on our profits, but given the nature of our community it has been well worth it. We actually were going to take the discounts down a notch to try and keep more to donate to the GDF, but just as we were doing it Lopp tweeted about our 33% Monero discount and we couldn’t really change it then. Down the line we may make the discounts slightly smaller, so take advantage of them now! We will of course make an announcement before that happens.

We took the opportunity to put some of our own funds into the donation in celebration of Grin’s birthday, so the total donation amount was significantly more than the actual profits to TMGOX, but we are thrilled at the response from the community and are looking forward to continuing to donate every bit we make to the GDF, no matter how small or large. As the network and community grows we (along with our contributions) expect to grow with it.

TMGOX gear has started appearing in the wild, with some high profile fashion showing up at the Web3 Summit, and a couple of well received shoutouts on twitter. In case you were thinking the merch was too good to be true, here’s your proof its exactly good enough. We also want to remind you that if you are only interested in returns on investment, and donations are beneath you (or out of your budget), every TMGOX order has a guaranteed return of sharp merchadise, and also directly helps grin development. Guranteed returns are rare, so don’t miss out. Everybody wins.

We also listed a number of new, more minimal shirt designs with additions being uploaded almost every week. No puns or inside jokes, just good and simple grin representation. We know that many people want something simple like this to show off their support, and are excited to celebrate the beginning of grin’s third year in existence with the new gear. Browse a bit and see if there’s anything else new you catch.

Some recent product additions:

Stickers are still being printed, so if you ordered a sticker please be patient. We also are sending some ~400 stickers to Grincon0 for anyone who wants them. We are also in the midst of helping to coordinate an auction to raise money for the security audit, with some very interesting items in the works. Priceless artifacts even.

If you have any comments, questions, feedbacks or ideas please hop on to the new gitter for TMGOX:

or on the grin-forum, TMGOX (The Magic Gathering Online Exchange)

As always we are available on twitter at

Very exciting times, enjoy these moments before mainnet release, they won’t come again.



Coming soon: mathemagical hats and


Seen at Devcon4 today!


@0xb100d I happened to notice, when I was about to checkout on TMGOX, that the shipping cost (to my local), for a single sticker was ≈ $19.00. I’m assuming that shipping is done at-cost and isn’t contributing funds to Grin dev.

My other assumption is that a lot of people would like to purchase stickers, and thereby support Grin, but will be turned of by the shipping cost.

I’m not sure how the stickers are being produced now, but are you aware of redbubble? It might be a good way to make many of the sweet designs available as stickers, inexpensively. This could help fundraising.

Otherwise, I’m happy to pay $25 for a sticker, so long as the money goes to Grin and not the postal service.

DM’d you, shipping shouldn’t be that high.

Great designs! I was about to get a few stickers and a notebook but the shipping cost is really high (~$28). Like Askepios I’m a bit reluctant to pay that much if it doesn’t go to Grin devs.

It is a very silly error I just haven’t had time to fix yet will get to it in coming days.

Thanks @0xb100d! Please let us know when it’s fixed.

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@Askepios @gosha it should be fixed now. The flat rate for large purchases was being set across the board (and was stacking with other shipping!), now it should be either $4 or $7. If you could test and confirm and let me know if that is still too high. Unfortunately some people are ordering from very far away and others from nearby and the issue arises from trying to make it fair for everyone.

Note anything extra will go toward grin development fund, TMGOX is not pocketing the shipping charges, every cent of profit goes to grin. Oh and also note all of our stickers are way behind schedule and are not going to go out until the second week of december at this rate, sorry about all of it.

Newest updates and transparency report:

Howdy y’all,

We are happy to publish our second transparency report, announce holiday sweaters (order now to get them by the solstice!), and the book preorder of the first version of GRINOIRE: a cypherpunk anthology! We have also fixed the flat rate shipping cost (we think) for stickers and other small accessories, please double check and let us know on twitter or via the gitter channel if you are still having any issues. Because some people are ordering very far away and some are close we had to pick a happy medium to cover our costs and not have to calculate on an order by order basis, there was some error where this was coming out WAY to high, and we appreciate people pointing this out. All extra shipping costs that go beyond our expenses will also go directly to the Grin Development Fund, so don’t think that you are wasting money on the clumsy shipping prices.

Also in sticker news, somehow all of our stickers arrived to Berlin for GrinCon0 well in advance of the shipment to our headquarters. If you ordered stickers we apologize profusely for the delay, please have confidence they exist and will get to you, and to make up for it we will be throwing in a handful of extras in your shipment. Right now our best estimate is that they will be going out the second week of December. That is more than a month delay for some of you, we are going to make it up to you!

First: check out our transparency report. We sold twenty-five things worth about two-thousand dollars! This is consistent with last month and we are eager to see the trend continue and hopefully grow. This resulted in a donation of .12777 BTC to the grin security audit campaign, or about ~$500 USD. So far everyone’s purchases have been making a significant impact and is a good sign that we will be able to maintain at least some level of consistent funding between campaigns. Once the mainnet launches and we see people mining grin and hopefully donating more to the development fund it will be interesting to see how the fund grows. In the mean time, please send us your ideas for new merch, and tell your friends. Recall many of these items are limited edition and won’t be available after the first planned grin hard fork. We are also looking at other suppliers to get our costs down so that we have more to donate to the development fund at the end of the day.

We were terribly honored to be given an entire slide in the very first talk at the very first GrinCon by the very first paid full time grin developer, yeastplume himself. We could not be more grateful to have a project as exciting and futuristic as grin to contribute our time toward, and are looking forward to many more years of support.

We are also looking forward to the first ever US GrinCon, we are working with the Blockcypher team to design sponsored merch and other deluxe limited edition merch for the event at the end of January. If you are going to be in the area for that, please also don’t miss the Stanford Blockchain Conference happening in the days directly afterward. Bulletproof wizard and true cryptomancer Benedikt Bunz is one of the contributors and should be seen/heard in his glory at any opportunity you can get. Good opportunity to ask him what he thinks about grin, and bug him to publish all of his papers ASAP! (Don’t do this.)

Holiday sweaters are going to be the absolute coolset thing you can wear around this month, so please order yours ASAP so that it can arrive in time for the solstice Dec 21. If you wear one of these to grincon or the Stanford conference you may very well get a free sticker.


Also very exciting, we are opening up the presale for the first edition of the GRINOIRE, an anthology of cypherpunk texts, key white papers, and other mumbojumbo, to help cover the costs of typsetting and printing, with all extra going to grin development fund, obviously. This very first edition is going to be funky, probably missing the sweet leather cover we were planning, and will leave all responsibility of navigating successfully up to the reader. But it’s going to be hundreds of pages long and the very first time many of the texts have ever been physically printed. Please click the link to the book, and then in the description follow the link to the git of texts already to be included and please submit a pull request with any other related works you think should be included. This is going to be an awesome group effort, and will eventually result in an extremely slick and serious looking edition we can all be proud of.

Note: this is at terrible mockup, but is probably something like what the first edition cover will look like.

We are consistently adding new merch and designs to the site, and the next couple will be a grin reaper tee as well as the yin yand one we teased last time. As always, please reach out on the forum or twitter or gitter if you have ideas.

Talk soon,



@0xb100d Shipping costs were still around $18 for ordering a few stickers. Sounds like it’s not fully fixed but also not a big issue as all profit goes to grin. I ordered anyway.