Can you rename it to Gringott?

Marketing, publicity, both important. And I can’t help but wonder weather it’s a possibility to piggyback a franchise here further without breaching copyright. Grin Coin is a great name, and is mega great because it makes people grin when they think about it. it will always be grin coin to us, but what if it were called gringott / gringotts / a gringott … It makes it seem more official, I mean, I want this project to be super popular, but only once i’ve mined 50% of the availability (I’ve got one ti 1050 lol). Maybe we can drop in both versions to change impressions, i dont think it will change the popularity myself, but it’d be nice to hear your thoughts, a grin / gringott for your thoughts?

p.s has anybody thought about raising a stash to give to JK for publicity? after all this is a great advance for bitcoin, scalability, privacy, currency focused, fair mining, fair value, fun, this really could blow up and take the media by storm and boosting Harry Potter related product sales in the processes creating more beloved fans.

Maybe it’s just me… a match made in heaven?

There’s a fine line between homage and trying to piggy back on someone else’s success. I think we’re in the sweet spot just as things are.


Am I the only one who thinks its a bad name? I didn’t know for the longest time that it was short for gringotts and even then I think the logo will end up being the joker or something

No, you’re not the only one…

Personally I think it needs to have nothing to do with Harry Potter at all, I like the name Grin but that’s it, before I first learned about grin I didnt even know what gringotts were.

What do you think it should be named John?

I think Grin is a great name.
I misinterpreted monkyyy as saying “Am I the only one who thinks Gringotts is a bad name?” …