The Mysterious Meaning Behind the Name of Grin Founder Ignotus Peverell

Hello guys, I’ve been doing research on Grin coin and Ignotus Peverell for a long time. I discovered something… If you wonder, you can read.
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Very interesting read, what a coincidence with the ethereum symbol and the resurection stone. I dig the analogy and the detailed analysis. Time to change my name to “Harry Plotter” or "Torr Therapy":thinking:

Luckily the book was not entitled Harry Potten
“Tron Therapy” :scream:

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From your medium article:

Ignotus Peverell, on Grin coin, has solved the main issues in the past that a lot of crypto coins wanted to do but could not achieve. These issues are; privacy, scalability and lightness .

Wait, wasn’t it the Tom Elvis Jedusor (i.e., Voldemort) who added privacy, scalability, and lightness, first, as he was the originator who described the mimblewimble?


Good point. All Hail lord Voldemort!