Thoughts? - The Short Productive Life of Igno Peverell


The Short Productive Life of Igno Peverell, Creator of the Grin Cryptocurrency


very cool work and well written and informative document for Grin history and general knowledge

You were doing exceedingly well imo … until your Epilogue :slight_smile: Very well written history of the evolution of Grin to date but I think you may be taking the Harry P. ref.s too seriously cf. “Sorcery” - I hope you are joking?! The Last Supper thing - meh… it could be considered a bit disrespectful to Christians but that’s just basically graffiti “on the subway walls” - not officially endorsed by the Grin council AFAIK! So I would say, don’t be put off if some folks interested in the project don’t share all your views - if you are looking for that, you will be sorely disappointed - and not just when it comes to religion, faith etc … :v: