The First Grin Book

Hello everyone.
As someone who has been deeply involved with Grin for a long time, I am a permanent member of this community. From the first moment I heard about Grin, Grin has been a part of my life. I think it will always be a part of me forever.
My great interest in Grin pushed me to constantly research and write articles. I am adding the main articles I have written here.

Bitcoin’s Sunset Grin’s Sunrise

The Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto Appeared As Grin Years Later?

The Mysterious Meaning Behind the Name of Grin Founder Ignotus Peverell

Now I want to share my current ideas with you.

Even though Grin has been in a downward trend for 2 years, even if it gets delisted from some stock markets, even if it has problems with slatepack, I think Grin is still very valuable and I think it appeals to the future more than today. Because I believe that the value of something can be not measured by its instant monetary value, not by its current negative news, but by the essence of that thing. Here we all know that regardless of its price, this project is one of the most valuable. Perhaps the most valuable. None of us would be here if we were thinking otherwise.

In the light of these thoughts, I would like to share with you that instead of giving up Grin at the end of 2 years, I am preparing to do something new for it.

I will write Grin’s first book. I think Grin really deserves this and its features should be conveyed to all parts of the world through the most detailed and beautiful language. I also believe that Grin should have this status, as I know that by this time major projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero have their books.

I have prepared a road map for this book. If I share it with you;

. In the range of 15 January 2021 - 15 January 2022

This period is for me; I will have period of preparation, gathering information, thinking about what topics to talk about and the layout of the book. I will generally consider and investigate.

. In the range of 21 January , 2022 – 21 December , 2022

This period; I will have period of transferring all my research and thinking to the pages.

. 27 January 2023 or 27 June 2023.

My planned release date will be 27 January 2023 or 27 June 2023. But it will most likely be 27 June, 2023.

Note: Dates may vary.

If I tell you what I think about the content of the book;

. I am thinking of using the title, introduction image of the article “Bitcoin Sunset Grin Sunrise” and I want to reflect a similar theme.

. I will transfer the topics I mentioned in my other articles to the book in a revised way.

. I will add new technical information and try to explain it in the simplest way. For example;

-What is Mimblewimble, how it came about.

-How Grin works technically.

-What is a Slatepack.

-Why was https abandoned.

. I will try to explain how grin differs from monero, zcash, and other privacy coins and what makes it special.

.I will try to explain why Grin is more special and different from other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

.I will try to explain Grin’s monetary policy, inflation and why this monetary policy was chosen.

. I will ask @LovelyGrin for permission to add his images to the book.

. If I can reach “Cryptoprofg”, I will consult idea on various issues.

In the final, I will submit all the information to the developers for approval. Because no information will ever contradict the truth.

Request from the Community

I will only have 2 requests from community.

The first is that you convey to me the important points that I have not mentioned in my articles and the above items, but which you have in mind, to write in the book.

Second, if you really believe in Grin, you can motivate me and the community by constantly keeping this topic alive.


Finally, I must mention that I am quite excited. Because this will be the first book of me and Grin.

I would like to state that I do all this work voluntarily. I am not requesting any money from Grin’s fund. If there are only those who want to donate voluntarily, I will accept these donations and will only accept the donation as Grin.

Donation address: grin1c8hf5k3f6ch6s7v8nle6q47245rcxe7d5tfsuem8mxz79a7a94ts80xcly

So do I as a gesture, I will write the names of those who have donated more than 100 Grin in the first pages of the book under the title of those who believe in Grin and support the writing of the book.

I hope everything happens according to our hearts and our faces will be like Grin.


Excellent projects, I wish you lots of courage and motivation. And it is with pleasure that I will read this book. See you in 2 years!


Nice project,but it would be better you accept donations after the book is done.

No one would donate a project if even ignotus say he would make a dex at 2023.

I fully agree that Grin’s appeal lies in its many unique features that set it apart from other coins. Your willingness to write a book about Grin is further testament to that appeal. I support your efforts and would be happy to assist you with fact checking and proof reading.

Let me start off with a little proof reading of your article

It seems to argue that Bitcoin must keep doubling its price to maintain its network security. That however ignore the contribution of transaction fees to the block reward. Fees are currently only about one order of magnitude behind the block subsidy and will likely start to dominate within 3 or 4 halvings.
This is discussed at length in


This is a noble undertaking. We do a lot of things just because it’s cool. Just because we want to help.

I’m really happy that you are part of the community.

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We also store some old logs and information about GRIN here:


Lovely idea, Grin is such an amazing project, there is plenty to discuss. One thing that I am missing is a discussion of Grin’s amazing Proof of Work algorithm, the Cuckoo cycle and all its flavors. Since there are so many great things about Grin, I sometimes feel like this aspect, Grin having a very low power consumption secure PoW mining algorithm, is overlooked. In my enthusiasm I might write a rant post about it one day.

Once you have mature draft of the book available I will be happy to donate 100 Grin to secure my Anynomous name to go in the history books :wink: and to so support you in this endeavor.


Great idea. I would add interactive transactions as one topic since it makes transaction building completely different

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Thank you for your good wishes.

Everyone is free to donate. I will write the book even though there is no donation. Only donations before the book is written may be more encouraging. Thank you for your opinion.

Thank you @tromp

Yes you are right. I will write this topic in a softer language. I will try to highlight that Bitcoin can have such a danger. I will point out that the probability is low in Grin.

Thank you @insider

I will definitely take a look. Thank you.

You are the first person to speak about donation and because of the beauty of your name, I will put you in first place. Thank you.

Also, thank you for your thoughts.
Along with these, I will mention that Grin supports GPU and ASIC mining together, and then only to the point that it supports ASIC. There are many good topics here.

Thank you @vegycslol. I agree. This is a subject that needs to be explained completely.

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The thing to love about Cuckoo cycle is that it not just another mining algorithm. E.g. If I buy a G1 mini miner, only 2% of the Grin earnings are used to pay for electricity, the cost are realy in the hardware. The reason being that C32 mining algorithm requires a lot of SRAM (fast and expensive RAM present in video cards), therefore the mining algorithm use very little energy compared to Bitcoins hash based PoW algorithm removing one of the critisism on Bitcoin, that it wastes such vast amounts of electricity (even though 70>% is green electricity).


An important point. Thanks!

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Coincidentally, I’ve also been thinking about the lack of books in comparison with Bitcoin, Monero, etc. I think there’s definitely a (future) demand for this.

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Great idea, I will keep updating whatever comes to my mind about “why grin is special?”.
But the one I remember now is grin’s emission. Its linear monetary standard without giving benefit in coins to early adopters and comparing it to time money (1 grin / 1 sec) is appealing to me. Also, take its logo into consideration. When you see that for the first time it’s like Deja vu and you saw it somewhere else and it looks very familiar to you because it’s an emoji-based logo smiling or better say grinning.
You are starting a HUGE job! Also, thanks for sharing your great articles.


How things are going with the book? Can you provide any update and in which sections we can give help?


l think it would be nice if you added a part about the logo. That part could even be titled “Great Logo” if you want, or “That Logo Tho.”

It’s also very neat how the community came together and designed it. You can see its decentralized development history in this forum. Thanks!

Also, there is a ton of great art from u/lovelygrin and other folks here in the forum.


Hello @Gorfo. Thank you so much for checking. As I mentioned on my roadmap, this is the year I will collect information on “Grin”. I still continue to collect informations.

@Grumpy Absolutely! I have a lot of thoughts on this topic(logo). I will also talk about community and fund distribution. This is a decentralized, beautiful and fairly organized community, as you said.


I just found out this:

Reading it from the beginning can be like reading Old Testament! It can help to know the personalities of people involved in Grin and have a better insight while writing the story.