Why are you interested in Grin?

What interests you in being a part of Grin?

Most people are interested in CryptoCurrency for the speculative aspect of going to the moon on a lambo.

But Grin is different, supposedly, due to it’s “emission model”

Why are you Grinning?



The emission model of Bitcoin kept bothering me at the back of my mind. When I discovered Grin I instantly fell in love with its emission model.

Digging deeper you’ll realize that the improved scalability is far more significant than you would think (as an average crypto-enthusiast). The whole block size debate regarding Bitcoin is a dilemma between being able to have a higher transaction throughput and being able to run as many nodes as possible, because validating nodes are essential to decentralization (see current discussions about reducing the block size of Bitcoin with Luke Dashjr). Grin’s scalability is—in other words—a massive boon to decentralization.

Of course, the greatest centralizing aspect of the space is the economies of scale of mining (worsened by the possibility of selfish mining), and the centralization of the manufacturing of mining equipment (due to reasons more than economies of scale, I think). I am more or less completely ignorant on the subject of mining, but initially it seemed like John Tromp’s Cuckoo was a great step towards solving this issue.

Furthermore, optional privacy (like Zcash) is not censorship-resistant at all. Grin’s complete obscurity of the blockchain is phenomenal. Grin isn’t the only project with complete privacy (vide Monero), but since I am not familiar with Monero’s technology at all, I accept Mimblewimble as my lord and savior.

I haven’t owned a single mainnet Grin and I do not plan to invest in it (although I might), but I love it more than any other current project and it is what I spend most of my time thinking and talking about. I was initially driven by greed (when I discovered the gem that it was), but I eventually grew past that.


Those are some good points.

I was considering buying 1 GRIN as I don’t own any, but love the project, ideals, and mission.

What is stopping Bitcoin from implementing MimbleWimble if it succeeds? Would this add privacy to Bitcoin so you couldn’t see the values if you had someone’s wallet address?

Sorry I am not the most knowledgeable about the inner-workings of MW and benefits it would provide to BTC if implemented there.


Electronic cash for everyone is extremely important for a free society and grin is the best bet so far I think.

@MF_Grin the fundamental changes bitcoin would need to implement mimblewimble makes it next to impossible, but with lightning and atomic swaps grin can easily be used in conjunction with bitcoin and satisfies most of the needs people have.


But Grin is different, supposedly, due to it’s “emission model”

Yeah, thats definitely not why I’m here.

Non-interactive transaction mixing opens the door to involuntary security increasing systems; as opposed to the old guard of privacy coins having coin mixing being expensive, fragile and user driven.

The difference between free and pennies is quite an important one in a world were end users don’t care about privacy.


I believe it’s a wonderful supplement to bitcoin. I consider grin an extension to bitcoin that allows for private transactions, and sub satoshi transaction no matter the cost of a satoshi. It really is the perfect fit for the trifecta of cryptos, Digital gold (bitcoin), Digital silver (litecoin), Digital Cash (grin).

But what really got me here, is someone took the time to explain that an infinite coin cap isn’t as bad as it sounds, when you consider the new coins as a % of the total goes down over time.

As a bitcoiner, I’ve always wondered about what happens when the mining stops. Sure we may be all long gone by then, but it does seem like keeping bitcoin functional after mining rewards finish, is the one component of the game theory that just never sat well with me.

I know namecoin is merge mined with bitcoin. I’m wondering if bitcoin can be merge mined with grin, once the mining rewards are up for bitcoin. Then the grin protocol is just an extension layer to help carry on the game of proof of work. It’s absolutely brilliant, and I think Hal Finney would be so proud of the people who came up with grin!


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Not to mention they treat the chain like a sacred cow and would need to start planning today to discuss implementing in 4 years. Then maybe executing in 10 years. This is around the time Bashco believes there will be 30 MW side chains.

Very good question.

@sesam and @kargakis prolly have a few reasons to share.


I certainly do… Stop adding forum tasks to my list @MF_Grin

@Grin1 I didn’t even look at the name. Just the mark and thought it was cool. I should have known. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! ha. I was about to say we should work on marketing stuff together.

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Anyone notice that grin is now #185 coin on cmc?
Nothing to see here, just the fastest rising coin on the planet, snoozze, it’s sooo boring Grinning all the time…

#167 on (my favorite site, page 2):

Because I’d like the coin which has mysterious anonymous functions.

Privacy is very important, and not just for criminals. With bitcoin, every single transaction to and from every address is stored online and accessible to all in the blockchain. For example, I happen to be very religious. If I give to pro-life groups, I may not want to debate abortion with every single person in town or have everyone I encounter in business to know may social policy. Also, if you thought Facebook and Google were Big Brother before, imagine if they had access to every single transaction every made by every single person in the world!

One word - Grin.

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All your credit card, bank, and online spending is available to the highest bidder already. Bitcoin just brings the cost down to see an accounts spending habits.

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  1. privacy
  2. Bullshitless release and bulshitless dev funding
  3. Constant rate emission is like a middle ground between hard money (bitcoin) and fiat. Which to me is the next logical step in a world going crypto.
  4. It’s ancap and cypherpunk AF.
  5. Best logo ever. Ancap colors, slightly menacing, pretty cypherpunk.
  6. Good folks all around in the community, generally a very good sense of humor, see the WOKE blockchain protocol, see some of the descriptions and merch on TMGOX (plus what a genius domain name).
  7. Mimblewimble.
  8. Hinty-hints ‘wink wink nudge nudge say no more’ from ethical OG bitcoiners I respect and love.
  9. Opportunity to get in early on a great project.
  10. Atomic swaps with grin may offer a nice private offramp for spending. BTC = Store of value, Grin = privacy money.
  11. The shit reasoning behind the ‘grin is a scam’ comments I get, reminds me of the ‘bitcoin is a scam’ comments I used to get.
  12. Grin is punk rock.

I know shit about Grin, but I am mining it since april and want to buy definitely some. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@debilnypes Nice! You could just keep some of the grin you mine. That would be like buying grin at a discount. I want to mine grin :slight_smile: just gotta find the time to figure out what to get, and how to do it. Was it pretty easy to get going?

Not at all… It´s actually pretty unpleasant thing and I am mining just for that feeling that it fascinates me and it´s a kind of hobby if you will.
Running a simple RIG of one 1080 ti & one 2080 ti (they hate to work together obviously)
The RIG is unstable and I have to check it every day, it dies once in 1-2 days, so I have to restart it always. The RIG is installed in my cellar for better temps, but mainly because it´s pretty noisy. I accidentaly broke a part of one fan from GTX card, so now when it´s running it rotates irregular and so it makes even more unpleasant noise.
The issues I had before I was able to successfully run this RIG are not worth to mention. It was basically a month of solving some stupid SW/HW bugs under Linux/Win, etc. So yeah, it´s a lot of fun to mine, I guess :sweat_smile:


Hahaha, I had a similar experience mining bitcoin. I have a back room in my office so I put an S9 in there. The heat output was terrible, but the noise was worse. It was like having a gardener with a leaf blower in my office 24/7 lol.

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Bitcoin is a commodity and a store of value in its finite emission model aspect. If Bitcoin becomes the world digital Currency, my opinion is that we will end up in deflation for ever. Grin emission model fits to the economic need of infinite inflation for the global economy and at the same time the monitored rate of inflation make it an ideal potential currency that will not suffer major debasement. In addition, Grin offers the best privacy in my opinion.