Last Message from Igno: 1666


@minexpert Interesting catch.
:thinking: Maybe Igno is a number lover, maybe he is Satoshi, or maybe he or others wants to honor him and Bitcoin, or maybe it is a whole lot of coincidence. In any case, its is interesting material. Also good that you did not go into interpreting it, best to let the reader ponder.


It’s not about how low the price of grin will go, how few developers we have, or how often someone on telegram says that grin is dead. The thing is, when the moment comes, the whole world will rush to have at least a few grins, when the people behind the grin will have enough of them to start the show.

A lot of 6’s and 9’s, like yin and yang, like bitcoin and grin.

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Nice investigative work! Could be purposeful or coincidental


He could mean year…

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We wait for the 4th of September…

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