Where is Ignotus?

Rumor is he/she/they possibly has left project ?

They were around 4 days ago to release v2.0.0-beta.1 of GRIN and their last commit is here https://github.com/ignopeverell/grin/commit/dafdb37a2a9b98eadf2ceb681b2c23e25fb1ad05
3 days ago. I don’t think they’ve left the project between then and now.

edit: this is incorrect, he hasn’t made any commits himself in a month

Seen in the grin Gitter channel :

"Igno did not push that release, it always uses his name for the release"

I don’t know how Github works, so maybe someone can confirm.

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Wow, this was asked such a long time ago. Can anyone provide an update to this question? The last thing I read was that he left due to family reasons.

He didn’t disappear; he is a master of shapeshifting, a trick he mastered eras before his arrival. The key to identifying him is to look for the permanent mark on his appearance. Shapeshifting is merely a conjuring act and cannot fully cover one’s true identity.

Here are two images of him being spotted in public in two separate forms. Notice the distinct yellow-black mark.



ah, i see. And later ignotus beard (first picture) must have evolved into some form of self-aware entity which lives in the forum by the name “MerlinsBeard”, i mean its obvious that you and his beard are basically the same beard when comparing your account-picture with the first picture of ignotus. The color may differ slightly, but this also makes total sense as we already have seen with Gandalf (grey->white)