İronbelly link removed from Grinmw?

Why no link at ironbelly logo? i saw hashmap left grinhub channel…ivan and hashmap become silent last months…

They dont have any word for coming HF? Are they neglected from community?

They have done great contributions…i wonder about them.

Why they are silent?

Just to note, looking at Github history I can tell there never was a link on the Ironbelly logo, it wasn’t removed or something.


I know, that’s what I was talking about.

it meant here…anyway hashmap and ivan is away i think…

You mean away for the holiday I hope… I think he was last active on the Ironbelly Telegram group May 23.

I’m not sure I understand the link was always there and is still there?

No ,just logo there…you can click and directed to Niffler and Grinplus but not ironbelly…Give it a try.

Just made a pull request to add the link, so it should be good soon enough.


It’s live :slight_smile: thanks for the PR