Grin coin, who came up with this name?

What a dope name, if I may say so. Who came up with this name?
Mimblewimble, nice, and Grin on top, awesome.
Congratulations my brothers and sisters from all over the world
Happy mining and grinning

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It is wonderful. Everything about this project is amazing.

@igno.peverell and jk Rowling came up with it

It’s called Grin as a nod to Gringotts Wizarding Bank in Harry Potter


Nice I didn’t know that


I also dig the image style/icon/etc. of this project, too: Grin

It seems like someone put deliberate effort on part of marketing. Almost suspicious… :wink:

Were the coins inside the Gringotts Bank named as Grin?

It has been a long time since I read Harry Potter series. I don’t get most of the naming references here.

The coins weren’t called grin, galleons knuts sickles I think.

There was deliberate effort into the design, with dozens of submissions by the community for no reason other than for the magic of it, but there’s essentially zero marketing.

Yep. That was the word in Harry Potter series.