What should we call people who don't understand the purpose of Grin?

Muggles or Mudblood’s?


1)A non magical person
2)A ‘normal’ person
3) A person not involved or aware of your social circle’s activities


an insulting term from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (created by JK Rowling). The term itself means, dirty blood. The insult is directed towards witches or wizards who are Muggle-born, someone with non-magic parents. This term is usually used by haughty pure-bloods, witches or wizards who are of magical descent and consider themselves to be higher up in rank. Such as the Malfoy family. The term Muggle-born is very much preferred to the term ‘Mudblood.’ Throughout the course of the books discrimination against Muggle-borns or 'Mudbloods" intensifies.

I think we should go with “Muggles” because it isn’t insulting

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“who don’t understand the purpose of Grin?”

what is the purpose of grin in your view?

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I’d call them a potential investor and potential asset to the grin community, and welcome them with open arms, so I’d go with ‘Friend’ or something of the sort.



Grin is more than a coin. You know that. Grin is something you bring to the world.

If you don’t understand Grin right now, there is only one person to blame–Grin. However, I agree that there is a word for people who don’t Grin. It is simple, but it means a lot; Grinless.

Grin is smiling for a reason.

What are you hiding, Grin?

There is a lot behind the international face of mischief, and the face of so many other things. And we have to define them all. Grin is smiling for a reason.


Why is Grin smiling? What does Grin know?

Grin is the dollar replacement.
Put Grin’s face on a dollar bill. That is the short answer.

@MF_Grin In fact, we should animate this. Because we can make the dollar burn and all that is left is Grin’s face; the “coin” if that is our decided upon “imaginary” form factor. I think a coin is just simply the most appropriate. But in any other case would be the most boring. Here it works for what we’re doing nicely.

We want people to use Grin. That will be harder to visualize if it is some crazy idea. Ethereum was cool, but they really forfeited the visualization of a new element for their form factor. Instead, they just followed a coin, after Bitcoin.

We come from Gringotts, so if there is any lore applied here then a coin is the most appropriate form factor. I’m just saying, there is a range of thought that could be applied to just the form factor and it would change our thoughts for how we design and communicate everything, what conversation we’re having, etc.

:slight_smile: Grin, Have a nice day

That is the question that we must answer.

I like your answers, so I would like to hear what you think. Let’s excuse Grin from the prompt real quick and if you would, can you answer what is the point of any of this? Because that is the departure point. That is the “Why.” Before there was moon lambo here, there was another motivation. What was that? What are we doing here?

You’re up. Tell me about this new world you’re leading me to though decentralization. Nobody has ever explained the implications simply and elegantly, and in a way that feels exciting.

We have to do that here. We cannot be

Grin, send/recieve

What is the purpose of what we are doing here?


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This is a big problem for us. Nobody understands the emission model. They don’t see the answers in there, they’re not obvious. Before all this MW hype, we were looking at this emission model like these people were deranged. It still looks broken to the trained eye. And everybody is trained to see one thing here. So if you understand Grin, then you are in the minority.

Out there, it’s “Bitcoin 2.0.” What does that even mean? And Boy is that misleading, but also the truth.

“Increased freedom/sovereignty through technology.”

We have a good shot here with Grin.

This emission model has problems, but they are overcome, imo, if we help people understand Grin. We need to define the vision, and how it will be accomplished through the unique qualities of Grin.

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First step to defining a vision is a refining process called "removing built in negativities’. Grumpy, is correct about ‘Grin Friends’. Grin is a ‘before and after’ life changing experience. Let’s leave all the negative “talking down” tone of voice and all the wreckage of pervious cycles behind.

Let’s stick all the bad and ugly in one lump next to them and leave all the Good in another larger lump for Grin happy campers.

Onboarding with grin is the same thing as leaving an abusive lover, A person needs triage in the form of reassurance from others, a calm collected space to be and some fun socialization (diversion) to recover.

I’m excited to design a detailed step by step guide - with illustrations for new Grin Friends in the form of an On-boarding Toolkit. It will be reassuring and orderly! I’m having to go through the mac and linux setup processes at the same time to make the content. You may see me asking for help.



I’d pay 5 grin for access to 100 more hearts to like your comment. Thank you. I agree so much. Not only that, I think it’s absolutely imperative that we read Grin1’s comment, and ask yourself, what makes people want to participate in something?

The ethical figureheads (Ie Jameson Lopp) in bitcoin got me interested in grin, but it was the people I talked to in this forum, and on reddit, and that great positive experience over all, that not only got me to invest financially, but have even gotten me interested in investing my time to help the project. So much so, that if the price goes up, I will work on grin marketing full time for the rest of the year. Because I love it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all emotions for me, it had to have a sound protocol, and innovative components to separate me from my bitcoin. It is you guys, the community, and some new people here too, who have secured my ongoing interest. Had these people acted exclusively in a condescending way, I would have said fuck this TBH.

I do understand how exclusivity can be used in marketing. Facebook did that. HTC does that. However, they are not condescending about it. Either way I do not think every marketing method works all the time, and if you’re fostering a grass roots movement, exclusivity and condescension are the last thing you would want, especially for what’s to be the worlds money, grin.