Yeastplume's funding campaign

Yeastplume’s funding campaign has been very slow so far (not even 3% of the goal):

He’s now 2 weeks away from having to start looking at other options, which I would find very disappointing. He’s done more than I can fit in a single message for this community and has a lot more on his list (like invoices, a popular feature). And zero grins have been sent (!?). So please do anything you can to help.


Hoping for close to 1BTC from TMGOX still have to crunch the numbers. This week soon.


If Grin took the same developer subsidy as other MW blockchains, the developers would already have nearly €2M in Grin, based on amount emitted and market price.

The community benefits from not having the developer subsidy baked into the block reward in many ways- the market cannot be dumped on by group controlling 20% of the coins (unless they buy them from you, making the price go up), decentralization from a single entity, more fair reward for work securing the network etc. It is most unfortunate that the community has hesitated to fund yeastplume’s €55k to continue development when it is more than obvious he adds at least that much value to Grin.

I have mined some Grin, it is not much, but I will try sending some to yeastplume’s campaign. I encourage others who have enjoyed the benefits of Grin over the last two weeks to do the same.

Edit: Donation sent. It felt good. Give it a try :slight_smile:


I´ll send some too. Just trying to install the wallet with no linux practice.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Speaking of it, how many more of these super-nice and useful stickers do we need to buy in order to get you started printing them?

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They are printed and shipping jeeze it took a while but now the flow will be steady until the end of time. Check your email Monday eve for confirmation.

Great, let´s all buy more, before the price goes to the moon!

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