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Hello everyone. This is the Grin Talk You Tube thread in grin-forum. The Grin Talk YouTube channel is dedicated to inform everyone about Grin as the premiere privacy by default - electronic digital cash. The amount of on-going community growth, development, and research is becoming palpable. My goal with Grin Talk as a youtube channel is to let everyone in the world know of Grin and why it is important to use as a electronic cash. As of now Grin Talk will air one episode a week so that I may provide quality content.

I also have been building relationships with key people of the Grin community. I hope to have some of them as guest speakers on Grin Talk to provide interesting and exciting discussions on why Grin is needed in a world of ever-increasing surveillance.

With that said, if any members from the Grin community want to be a part of a Grin Talk YouTube show…

You can reach me at my handle Grin Talk on the Grin Hub Telegram channel. I also have a Grin Talk telegram channel named Grin Talk.

I hope to see you on my Grin Talk YouTube channel !

Directly below is a link to my Grin Talk YouTube channel.

50% Donations using Grin will be used to enhance the experience of the viewer: Guest talks, Equipment etc. I will be transparent with the allocation of these funds when i receive them on the Grin Talk Telegram channel for the community to see.

Grin Talk Telegram Channel:

Grin Talk Telegram username handle is @Biggu5Dicku5

Grin Talk YouTube Intro thanks to : @AlexanderYudin That is Alex’s Telegram handle.

To donate to the Grin Talk You Tube channel and Grin Talk Telegram channel using Grin, please send to the following Grinbox address:



Your awesome dude. I’m an subscriber and very much enjoyed your info and insight. Can’t wait for the next grin talk video (I know it’s only been 6 days since the last :slight_smile:)

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Thank you. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the shows. Spread the word about the channel. Everyone can play a part in educating people about great financial privacy using Grin! :slight_smile:

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Dude, loved that episode. Read it as soon as it came out. Dude, will love to take part in your talk show. Let me know.

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Hello. What’s your handle on Grin Talk telegram channel ?
how can i reach you? Yes we can make a show together this week for my next show. My handle is Grin Talk on telegram.

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This is a good conversation with Diego on privacy. Thanks for hosting it!

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Thanks chronos appreciate it

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It appears that this YouTube channel does not currently exist. Has it moved somewhere else?