Grin Coin Community Bot

I had free time and I was looking for something to do. Decided to organize some data about Grin and create bot in a telegram. Maybe it will come in handy for someone … Maybe it will lead to the creation of something

I put himself in the place of a man who only got acquainted with Grin … It would be very convenient and useful for me to see information about a coin in one place (where to buy, where to store and community information). Maybe someone too …

I understand that telegram is not yet popular, but in my region there are quite a large number of users of this messenger

Decided to share


I’m a humble person … if it weren’t for your dedication and open community I wouldn’t even publish it somewhere, but would use it among my friends because this is not an outstanding work and anyone can do it. I just hope that it will probably be useful

I will follow him and periodically update


Bot doin work and much more information is collected in it than I expected. It’s great.

Also, last week I posted this bot in Telegram community and got a positive reaction. Thank you. I appreciate it.

I would like to ask the community if someone can do “little demo gif” with a demonstration of how a slatepack transaction use? For every Grin wallet (Mobile, desktop Grin++, Niffler).

Like this: Screen Recording 2020-10-12 at 20.12.37

Happy New Year! ツ

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Grin community is multicultural.

At the moment, 8 languages have been added to the bot for articles and videos. But so far only English, Russian and Turkish languages have enough information. If anyone can, please translate the articles into German, Dutch, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese. I searched but couldn’t find. Added only basic articles in these languages taken from the medium Grincoin.

By default, the bot menu will be English, since this language is the world one. You can change the language only for the menu of articles and videos by going to the menu of the same name.

I made a request to add this bot on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. They adedd it in social media section of Grincoin page. Therefore, I considered it necessary to have multilingual articles.