Grin Coin Community Bot

I had free time and I was looking for something to do. Decided to organize some data about Grin and create bot in a telegram. Maybe it will come in handy for someone … Maybe it will lead to the creation of something

I put himself in the place of a man who only got acquainted with Grin … It would be very convenient and useful for me to see information about a coin in one place (where to buy, where to store and community information). Maybe someone too …

I understand that telegram is not yet popular, but in my region there are quite a large number of users of this messenger

Decided to share


I’m a humble person … if it weren’t for your dedication and open community I wouldn’t even publish it somewhere, but would use it among my friends because this is not an outstanding work and anyone can do it. I just hope that it will probably be useful

I will follow him and periodically update