Grin airdrop in Telegram

I want to attract newbies as well as old users to the free distribution of coins. I have created a telegram channel where I will regularly post slatepack. I need administrators and those who want to participate in this


Your administrator can be bot to give response, check tx status and remove sent.

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yes, it was nice to automate some actions. but so far in manual mode. we need to see if users will be interested and where to find newbie traffic.

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probably no one is interested in this

@Alice Probably not many on the forum are interested since those are all old users, on Telegram and Discord perhaps. Mostly people who do not yet have any of a coin are interested in getting some.


I claimed the first one to get it started. I’ll gladly donate 10ツ back to help the cause if you would like.


I broke my device. I have forever lost access to my main Telegram account (it was on someone else’s number which is no longer active) I also lost access to coins, I stored the seed phrase in Telegram notes. So I won’t be back soon…I’m desperate(

I don’t believe what happened. The board is simply damaged and cannot be repaired.

for real ? or is it a boating accident ?

if no then RIP

always keep your seed safe in tamper proof paper or steel

there is still a chance to restore access, but it is too small

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if you can restore it that’s nice

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