Tradeogre asking for a Slatepack message

I have Grin++ on MacOS. How do I generate a Slatepack message to send GRIN to Tradeogre?

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Take a look here TradeOgre Deposit/Withdraw Grins using Grin++ v1.2.3 on Desktop

If you need more help, please join the Telegram Channel Telegram: Contact @GrinPP


Thanks, I had found that post before posting my question. I don’t find it useful since none of the videos play in the four browsers I tried (two Chromium, Safari, and an obscure one). Safari actually shows the “play” button, but nothing actually plays.

Try Brave Browser.

Or if you have telegram, find: Telegram: Contact @GrinCoinCommunity_Bot

It has a demo “Slatepack” in GIF format. For TradeOgre and for all wallets. I don’t think you will have any difficulties.

try viewing it here

Thanks - got it done :wink:

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