How to send Grin to CoinW

Hello - I am trying to send Grin from my Grin++ wallet to CoinW. However, when I try to send coins, my wallet creates a Slatepack, which is not supported by CoinW.

Say I want to send 5 Grin. On CoinW I get the deposit address and a memo, like 12345.

On Grin++, I enter 5.12345 in the amount field, then the deposit address in the address field.

Then hit Send. Grin++ spins then generates the Slatepack.

Is there any way to not generate the Slatepak and send via Tor? What am I missing? Is this even possible?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I guess not many people are using CoinW, I suggest you using Trageogre instead. It’s non-KYC and completely compatiable with slatepack


Grin++ tries to send via tor. So if Grin++ returns a slatepack instead, it most likely means CoinW’s Gin node/wallet is down. You can ask their support, or use TradeOgre which uses Slatepacks and provides a flawless user experience.