Tradeogre deposit issue

Hi, i’m getting an error when i attempt to upload a slatepack. “There was an error processing your slate file” then it tells me to refer to my wallet software documentation.

The slatefile is named “FILENAME.S1.slatepack”

Sorry if this isn’t a tradogre issue, and also sorry if this problem doesn’t warrant a new thread, or belong in this forum. I understand that this forum is not tradogre technical support, but couldn’t find their contact info on the website. Are they on telegram or something?

My guess:
Is it an extension format problem, where tradogre only takes some other older slatepack extension format? That was my best guess. Thanks.

I think Tradeogre expects the files to contain json slates, not slatepacks. Grinmint OTOH uses slatepack files. The whole damn ecosystem is a mess. There are so many different formats and communication methods that I can’t keep them all straight. Our poor, poor users :sleepy:

How did you generate that file?


They have a chat in the telegram -

But it has no admin … Admin ONLY on Twitter -

Not sure if you can make a deposit via a slatepack. Grin deposits are made via file

But it will still be better if you ask the admin

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Hello, thanks for the responses! I used Niffler to try to send via slatepack. I’m just now noticing that tradogre specifies ‘slate file’ not ‘slatepack’. TIL those are different things…

When i created the slatepack file, i had the option to just copy the slatepack text in niffler…is there a way to copy that text and make it a .json?

There probably is not a way in Niffler. There is a command to do it via grin-wallet, but I don’t know it off the top of my head. Something about unpacking.

Grin++ supports sending json files, but “just use another wallet” is a shitty solution. It’s moments like these that make me embarrassed to be a part of this academic experiment :joy:

@xiaojay does Niffler support sending json files?


seems like tradeogre only support old version of slate file?
if it is, Niffler v0.6.0 does not support this old slate file format :joy:

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As david mentioned, grin wallet unpack turns a Slatepack message into JSON format. If you want I can easily do that for you but keep in mind I’d be able to see the transaction details. Otherwise just download grin-wallet and initialize a wallet (no need for a node). Should take 2 minutes, you can follow this guide.

Indeed a messy situtation :confused:


Thank you. Neat, a chance to learn something! I appreciate your offer to help me further, but the guide you provided will be enogh :slight_smile:

Just for the record, i’m not selling, I just wanted to play with my coins. haha

edit: Yeah things are a bit messy, but it seems like that’s how any given experiment like this would be at this point in its life.

Where you able to unpack your slatepack file?

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I realized the mistake and then didn’t bother anymore.

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