Grin Bounty suggestions

In order to get more people on board for GRIN development with @davidtavarez suggestion, a few bounty ideas offered. This was discussed before, and can be improved. It can be published via our social channels to attract attention.

To be discussed again,

  • A Grin Tipping bot for Telegram for 10,000 ツ

  • improvements:

    • Making UI responsive for 100 ツ
    • Serve external javascript libraries from localhost for 100 ツ
    • Implement multithreading to get nodes information for 5,000 ツ

I am interested in taking this bounty. I have experience building Telegram bots and will be happy to build a slatepack bot.

Edit: An example of bot I have built: How I study languages with my bot - Marek Narozniak's Homepage


Cool example with the Bruce bot. Makes me think a Professor MCGonagall (or other bot name like Hermione) teaching how Grin works bot would also be cool. Sort of a QA bot. Such a bot Could possibly even answer most questions that now David has to answer on a daily basis. We just need a good database of QA. :mage: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice idea! We could achieve that using About ChatterBot — ChatterBot 1.0.8 documentation library.

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ChatterBot looks good. A bot that can answer basic QA question, or if a user wants, take them down the rabbit hole and tell them about the technology behind Grin and stuff them the red pill down their throat. That would be so cool.
This would be another project thought, maybe for a follow up bounty.
The community could chip in by writing text and responses. For example, copying information from the documentation to teach people a Grin. Additional bonus is that by helping to build the responses for the bot, those who help could freshen up their knowledge of Grin.

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My proposal for the ツ GRIN Telegram tipping bot. Feedback welcome!