There is a message from Turkey!

Greetings to all, I speak on behalf of the Grin Turkey community. Although we are not as knowledgeable in technical matters as you, we know that you, our valued members, spend a lot of effort and patience for Grin. We know how hard your valued members work and how much effort you put into Grin, and we have no doubts about your goodwill. However, at the point we have reached today, we see how lonely Grin is. We see how lonely and incomplete you are in terms of price, stock market, device, wallet and promotion. Why is the team quiet? Why aren’t new developers coming? Can you explain this situation? We call out to you, our esteemed members, from Turkey; PLEASE DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR GRIN! MOVE TO GRIN! LET’S DO OUR BUSINESS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! AS THE TURKISH COMMUNITY, WE WILL CREATE AGENDA ON TWITTER SOON. THE DATE AND TIME WILL BE SHARED WITH YOU. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOUR SUPPORT…. respects

Kudos for taking the initiative and for creating an agenda on twitter. Be sure post it on the forum.
Be the change you want to see in the world!

What exactly do you need support with? Can you be more specific? For example, do you search material to share on social media, do you want to create meetups in Turkey, interview someone, or have an Ask Me Anything (AMA)?

Just a short reminder, but:
grin != dollar_price_grin :wink:

Grin as a project is doing fine. Yes, more dedicated developers would always be nice. It would however not change the agenda, it might speedup implementation of some features which will be implemented anyhow when they are ready.

The opinion of the Community Council is that we should have more physical and online Meetups. This is more important than social media in our opinion. Feel free however to be active on Social Media.

In the coming weeks we will announce the sub team of Grin ambassadors who will be putting effort in organizing some small and large meetups. Maybe someone from the GrinTurkey community is interested in joining? If so, let me know. If I am not mistaken there are quite a few Grinners in Turkey, so why not get together and grab some drinks.