We have to do something for grin

Hi everyone, Grin community, I just joined you. (But I have been following Grin closely and supporting Grin for a long time) I see friends who work a lot for Grin. This obviously makes me very happy. As I’ve already stated to you esteemed Grin community, we’re pretty weak on social media. A lot of people still don’t know about the Grin project. and unfortunately Grin’s current market value is deplorable… What do community officials think about this situation?The current situation is pushing people away from Grin quite a bit. and community officials remain silent. I don’t know why, but we need some serious power. I think we should act as soon as possible (especially on social media). and Grin advocates should do something for Grin on many social platforms.

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I complete agree with you “We have to do something for grin”.
Grin is completely donation based and run by community volunteers.
I remember how I started in the community. I criticized the lack of a clear template and measurable objectives in funding requests. The answer I got was: “well you are free to do something about it, here is the github page, go and write a template…”. I did, and since then I am contributing to this great project. The same holds for everyone on this forum. We all have the power to do something, to contribute, we all have our unique skills and insights.
Hence I would like to reiterate my invitation to you and extend it to everyone else who reads this. Become part of the “We that have to do something for grin”. Because you are right, change is easiest achieved through action. We all have the power to be the change we would like to see in this world :muscle:. The Community Council (also volunteers) are ready to support you and others who want to become part of the Team who wants to improve the outreach of Grin :grin:.


The best way to achieve action, is through action. Do you not love how physics even applies to social activities!
Here is my action, to get the proverbial ball rolling :grinning:.
Note I directly uploaded this file as ‘.png’ and as multi layered Paint.NET file (.pdn) so anyone can use this image as well as parts of it to make marketing material of their own. You can find it here:

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Welcome to the community. Regarding contributions, I agree with what @Anynomous said.

I believe the people you refer to as officials are just people from the internet that saw ways in which they could contribute and started doing that consistently. The question everyone needs to ask themselves is “What am I doing to improve the situation?”. To improve the situation on the social media, one can create a new social media channel and add quality content there to gain a user base. The easiest is to just contribute in ways you can.


People from different motives participate in the grin project, many earn money (which is not bad) others have other motives.

The modern model of capitalism (where there are few freedoms and justice left, when a small percentage of the people own most of the resources) is collapsing. Many of us want more people to know about this coin, as it has the qualities from which the whole topic of cryptocurrencies was born: fairness, anonymity, independence from the state mindless counterfeit money printing, etc.
There was an idea, maybe someone will be interested or improved.

The point is… to organize a global competition, or something like that, among the entire crypto community, possibly with some kind of reward for those who arrange it, or for teams of winners or according to other principles, on the topic "Which cryptocurrency currently has the maximum set of characteristics and values for the most part not of a material nature … JUSTICE, I don’t know how better in English, maybe the most free, honest.

Based on the results of something like this, it seems to me that grin will take, if not the first, then a worthy place.

Thank you for your attention.

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Grin didn’t go unnoticed. It was quite well publicized and it garnered significant esteem. So I don’t think it is as simple as “if you show the world grin, it will become popular”. The world has seen grin.

If grin becomes popular in the future I believe it will be because the alternatives fail to be able to do something that it already does inherently and I don’t honestly see that happening in the near term either, their problems can be swept under the rug for quite a few years yet.

In the meantime we just need to carry and protect it through it’s infancy. I don’t think the market price poses an existential threat. Those who want to see it grow will need to be patient.


Grin needs to attract more developers and designers to improve the UX.

In order to do that, I think we need better developer tools to set them up for success. For example, if someone is a React developer / designer, how can they help?

If someone is a Flutter developer, how can they get involved?

We should be thinking about large groups of people that potentially are interested in contributing and making things with Grin and how to set them up for success.

If Grin is a Rust project, we should being reaching out more to the Rust community, right? Why not make some pure Rust applications. There are 100% Rust GUI and web app frameworks that can be utilized to make wallets and other apps.


Grin did attract developers and Grin++ improved the UX immensely. With Tradeogre’s slatepack deposit and withdrawal implementation I find it is immediately usable for any typical crypto user. What would you like to see improved there?


around mobile wallets:

  • grin app URI / deep link so you can click a slatepack and have it open in your wallet
  • UI that clearly shows the statuses of slatepacks
  • swipe on slatepack to action it


wallet and messaging protocol combined so i can:

  • create user accounts in the messaging protocol
  • people can send slatepacks to one of my user accounts. i can send to a friend’s user as well.
  • when they send them to me, they go straight to my wallet, stacked up like a little timeline
  • i swipe on them to action them

basically i would like to see a venmo / cashapp style experience

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Yes, we need to be patient. but one thing you forgot, Grin is not a baby, Grin is a gold. There are craftsmen (Grin developers) who craft the gold in the middle, but no one to sell the gold to.

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yes, I would love to do that, but I live in Turkey. But I will do my best on social media.


yes, you need to create a single account on social media for this. and we need to bring all followers together in one account. Including me, the account I opened for Grin should be frozen and information and content should be shared from a single Grin account.

Here’s a list of projects where you could contribute Grin CC.

If you are referring to an unified API and several libraries, I agree 100%.

I would say that there are a bunch of options for anyone to contribute: Rust, C++, TypeScript, React, React Native, C#.

Social Media is not the answer.