A new node is now running!

Hi Grin community!
Some days ago I made up a node and is succesfully running. :v:t2:

This also marks the beginning of my help for the grin community. Well, the second beginning.
Two years ago I was lucky enough to have received an answer from Ignotus. I didn’t answer back, I felt like I was excited as the people that that talked to Satoshi :grin:

But I also felt I didn’t know enough to argue.

Since then, I did’t take part actively to the community, however, I started studying as much as I can cryptocurrencies. There is a looot to know.

Nevertheless, in the meanwhile, I graduated in economics. During my studies, I always compared the subjects of the master course with cryptocurrencies. I focused on money, trying to look at the big picture.

To help the grin community I’ve though to start at some things I can do in my free time as independent researcher:

  • Write blog/posts/howtos: I would write about some topics I find interesting and that can be useful for the community. For example about development, voting systems, governance, privacy, cryptoeconomics, tutorials, ecc. Apart of this blog, I would use something like Medium or Publish0x (which said to be crypto agnostic), or others, if someone has better suggestions.

  • Make surveys: I could make some surveys in the interest of the community asking some specific questions, using Google forms. The aim is to understand the heterogeinity of the community. Heterogeneity is the key of ideas. Then, the aim is to understand the community’s skills and characteristics. Somewhere I’ve read that there is a dormant community here around. It’s only a matter of organization of resources. Everybody should find its space and contribute!

  • Write reports: I can use surveys to make reports with the results I found. Or I can gather data to build reports and infographics about the growth of the community, decentralization, market capitalization and so on. All the data would be publicly available probably on kaggle. I could also analyze some datasets if someone has collected related data.

  • Write documents: I was thinking about something similar to the docs that Paouky is writing on Github, but related to economics, money and grin (grinomics). If grin achieves to be completely fungible, it is a good candidate to become money. Alternatively, I could help writing documents that are currently under development.

  • Translations: I could translate documents in Italian.

  • Brainstorming: I often think at what can be done. I would say my ideas, sometimes they’ll be interesting sometimes they’ll be unfeasible. For instance, for me it will be cool if the community manages to write a book on money together. We can write it on bookdown. This would help learn the basics, build the documents and engage people that don’t know what to do. A decentralized book! Probably, most of the ideas would be unfeasible, however, I think someone would be useful.

  • Coding: I’m not a developer, I can just code in R and Python. But in the future I want to learn how to code and I want to build something useful for grin.

All the material will be open source, so the community can use it as it wants. Any suggestion of resources, materials, platforms or best practices are welcommed. I am also here to learn by doing and I rely on being guided by the feedback of the community.

I hope that my help can be useful.

See you around!


That is what I call a intro. Welcome to the community m8.


I like you already.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


Welcome, looking forward to your contributions! If you have not already, consider joining keybase. You can ask questions there since most of the dev community hangs there.


Love your attitude ツ

Personally, i’d like to see more content around cryptoeconomics (grineconomics).

Would be nice to see you in our community telegram group: https://t.me/GrinCoin

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Welcome, looking forward to see your Grinomics :grin:.
There is much to love in Grin from an economical perspective, to me its supply rate is one of the key thinks to love about Grin (combined with minimalism/simplicity, scalability and reasonable privacy).
I also like the idea of now an then throwing a surveys to feel the community’s wants and needs. I played with the idea myself for a while but did not push through since I do not know what platform to use that avoids double voting as well offering privacy for the voters. I am not sure, but I think google forms do require users to log in using a google account.

The Telegram messenger avoids double voting and takes care of privacy through anonymous polls

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Thanks for your answers, this really motivates me!
I’ve already joined all the chatrooms, but I usually don’t speak too much, I prefer to listnen. :slightly_smiling_face: However, I’ll try to be more active!

This is also one of my concerns, I am always skeptical on which platform to use for privacy. I was wondering which is the “border” of privacy however, becasuse as far as I know it’s quite difficult to be private if the opponent has enough resources to play with. So maybe sometimes could be more practical to be on the spotlight! (?)

Since grin is involved with privacy, it would be an interesting discussion talking about the platforms we use, and their links to our identities.

I was thinking about google forms because it organizes data in excel files, where each individual represents a row, giving more insights. I don’t know if in telegram every question is isolated, but I am looking at chatbots. Maybe it’s not too hard to create one. I’ll try!